Dobbs – Chasing Russian Ghosts, Dems And Establishment GOP Hacks Ignore Reality

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “the left’s attempts to subvert President Trump and his administration, following the testimony of the fired FBI Director, James Comey. President Trump, today, fired back at Comey and the left, calling on them to get their priorities straight.”

He plays a clip of President Trump reviewing the evidence Comey provided that bolstered his case and supported what he’s been saying all along – “no collusion, no obstruction, he’s a leaker, but we want to get back to running our great country. Jobs, trade deficits, we want them to disappear fast, North Korea big problem, the Middle East a big problem. So that’s what I’m focused on, that’s what I have been focused on.”

“He has been focused on the big issues,” says Dobbs, “the big challenges, the big threats to this country. While the Democrats on Capitol Hill, the Senate and the House, seem smaller because they are focused on all that is small about petty politics in this nation right now. Hearings by the House and the Senate ‘Intelligence’ Committees, the Senate chair, for crying out loud, Senator Richard Burr, acting like a co-conspirator with the ranking Democrat, Senator Mark Warner, ignoring facts, refusing to acknowledge the facts of the matter.”

Dobbs observes there was, “No crime, no evidence of a crime, months of wasted time, wasted money and only further disillusionment with a Congress and Senate that are held in contempt by most Americans. Held in contempt and yet they pompously go on. Well no wonder that the American people hold them in contempt. While the committees pompously parade their arrogance and partisan purpose, ignore facts and the evidence and speechify for the cameras and the microphones.”

“We learn,” notes Dobbs, “in Comey’s so-called testimony yesterday that the director of the FBI lied, that he sold out to the political bosses of the Obama administration, that he’s leaked and that he’s successfully manipulated the creation of the special counsel. And by the way, is it an accident that his old friend, with whom he worked for years, was installed as special counsel, Robert Mueller?”

Dobbs says, “If Mueller himself has an ounce of integrity, he will resign, because of the obvious conflict of interest with Comey, because of the evidence that has already accumulated, and has been demonstrated and has already exculpated the President from the scurrilous, baseless allegations that have already proved to be sheer, contemptible nonsense.”

“It’s time,” says Dobbs, “for this government to get back to the issues that matter most to Americans, health care, immigration, the economy, jobs, infrastructure. The country deserves better than the vile, venomous left, the deep state and their unrelenting attacks on the President of the United States, their subversion of our lawful government.”

He adds, “And all citizens who care one whit about this country, about our great nation, you know it’s time to demand the corrupt and the toxic Dems and the left begin working for our people, working for our country.”

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2 Comments on Dobbs – Chasing Russian Ghosts, Dems And Establishment GOP Hacks Ignore Reality

  1. TONYA PARNELL // June 11, 2017 at 3:58 pm // Reply

    Save the names of who are wasting our tax money with this nonsense and vote them out. This is why nothing gets done as they are too busy covering up their short comings.

  2. Hadenoughalready // June 11, 2017 at 3:43 pm // Reply

    Sorry, Lou. The dems and the left will NEVER do the “right thing”. They’re incapable. It does NOT manifest in their primal minds. Unless it’s in their personal interest, they have NO interest.

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