Dobbs, Carter – President Trump Target Of PSYOP – Largest, Most Venomous In US History

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Sarah Carter of Circa News joins Lou Dobbs to discuss the vicious disinformation campaign that is being waged against President Donald Trump by the establishment, the left-wing media and the deep state, as well as others.

Dobbs describes her information as “exculpatory as far as these fake news charges keep springing up, saying that it’s just improper that Comey would have said such a thing to the president [that he’s not a target], trying to cast doubt that he actually did say that to  the President, you have validation for those statements he made.”

Carter says, “Yes and you know for months, for months we have been reporting this. I mean several months ago John Solomon and I broke the first story that actually revealed that neither Trump nor anyone in his immediate circle was part of an investigation into the ‘collusion with Russia.’ Now there were extenuating circumstances to this.”

“What we discovered today,” says Carter,  “is that [Senator Charles] Grassley as well as Senator Feinstein validated this. There’s so many myths out there, Lou, that are not reality. And I think that’s what’s happening with this is that people want these myths and these rumors to go away. That President Trump somehow was in collusion with the Russians, or any of his top aides.”

An agitated Lou Dobbs replies, “Let me put it forward here just as straight as I possibly can. The President of the United States, right now, is a target. But he is a target of the largest, most expansive, venomous disinformation campaign I have ever seen conducted against any political official, let alone any president in our history.”

Carter agrees, saying, “This is an intensification of targeting President Trump, who we saw today that a number of stories yesterday were not accurate, those stories were not accurate, they were debunked by McCabe and they were debunked by others.” She says, “If the President is not under an investigation. If what Grassley and Senator Feinstein both say is true, then his firing of Comey has nothing to do with him being under investigation, because he’s not under investigation.”

This was a Democrat talking point that was first laid out by the snake Chuck Schumer in his insinuation-filled briefing following the firing of Comey.  Dobbs reflects back on another statement by the despicable Senator from New York. Dobbs says, “Senator Schumer warning the President, ‘Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.'”

Dobbs says, “What we are witnessing is a national left-wing media that is attacking with an unprecedented ferocity a man, without any facts, without any purpose other than partisan.” Carter opines that it isn’t “just about the media, it’s about a group of people that have a particular objective and they consistently push a propaganda message, or disinformation, or I would call it, in the military they call it PSYOP, a psychological operation to try to push a story out that is not validated or not true.”

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  1. TONYA PARNELL // May 12, 2017 at 2:09 pm // Reply

    Let the Demo o rats keep it up, they’re just digging themselves a deeper hole

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