Dobbs – California Testing Boundaries Of Anarchy, Corruption Everywhere You Turn

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “on the all but perfect laboratory for left-wing ideological experimentation and deep-state subversion. The fertile venue to watch what happens when government works against its residents, its citizens, when local and state governments battle the Trump administration and our nation’s federal laws.”

Dobbs alleviates the low level suspense with an admission of, “Of course, I’m talking about California.” Dobbs reassures his audience, saying, “No, California hasn’t yet seceded, but many Californians are acting as if it had left the union.”

Dobbs notes, “They want California to become the nation’s first sanctuary state if they can’t secede and the California legislature has even hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to be their point man for legal battles with the Trump administration. And of course, San Francisco is the home of the 9th Circuit, the left-most appellate court in the country, the most reversed court in all the land.”

He points out, “And again, a federal district court in San Francisco has gone activist, and more than a touch mad, this time blocking President Trump’s executive order to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities. Judge William Orrick is his name, not only an Obama appointee, but Orrick a big fundraiser, a bundler for Obama’s 2008 campaign.” Clearly he wasn’t qualified for his position as a federal judge, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t buy it.

Dobbs asks, “Have you ever noticed leftist activist wild-eyed Dems on the bench almost never recuse themselves and Republicans can’t recuse themselves fast enough, it seems. California is testing the boundaries of anarchy and sheer absurdity.”

He notes, “And an audit finding the University of California system hid $175 million dollars in budget reserve funds while at the same time telling the state it needed more money, desperately. Now what kind of crooks are in the California University System?” Dobbs answers that question with a reminder that “The system is run by none other than former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. And the damning report comes after UC Berkeley cancelled an Ann Coulter speech, only the latest incident at Berkeley, that makes a mockery of Berkeley’s history as an institution of higher learning and passionate political demonstration.”

“The State of California,” Dobbs observes, “is now infused with left-wing authoritarianism and disregard for law and order. And for many of us who are products of the sixties, it’s hard to admit what a sorry condition California’s condition is in.”

Neither Jeff Bridges, the Dude, or Kenny Rogers could have said it any better.

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7 Comments on Dobbs – California Testing Boundaries Of Anarchy, Corruption Everywhere You Turn

  1. Deplorable Doctor // April 27, 2017 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    Eric Holder was found by Congress to be in “Contempt of Court.” Arrest HIM NOW!

  2. beachtennisguy // April 27, 2017 at 4:21 pm // Reply

    Congratulations to Lou Dobbs, always a voice of sanity. The usual suspects tried to silence him and it’s a benefit to the nation that they could not keep a good man, and truth, down.

    Those interested in an East Coast version of California’s out-of-control corruption, can look to Delaware.

    Over twenty-found (24) years of entrenched one-party rule have turned Delaware into a state where parts of the U.S. Constitution no longer apply.

    The corrupt Democrat Delaware judiciary recently demonstrated that my constitutional rights to just compensation, to be heard as a defendant, and to a fair trial, are obsolete in corrupt Delaware.

    One difference of course is size. Delaware has a population of less than 1 million residents, so some people hardly notice or care about Stalinism taking root on American soil in relatively puny Delaware.

    The votes of Delaware’s two Maobama-goose-stepping U.S. senators, Carper and Coons, however, are just as much of a nuisance as the votes of two left-wing buffoon California U.S. senators.

    Sadly, it is doubtful that President Trump and his administration can drain all of the corrupt, festering, Democrat swamps in America. It will probably take an Article Five Convention of States to do that.

    May the President use the resources of his administration, as best he can, during the precious time that he has, to push back against not only the federal Swamp, but also the corrupt stench of state Stalinist Swamps such as Delaware.

  3. California is lost, no straight people live in California.

  4. Eric Holder??!! I guess I didn’t realize how badly California has slid down hill… After 8 years of Obama, it’s no wonder California and the rest of the country is so screwed up. Berkley is hoarding funds, huh? Simple solution. Cut the funding and jail the guilty parties.

  5. I really like the new look for your website!

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