Dobbs Bolton – As Trump Leads The World Obama Democrat Corruption Continues

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Lou Dobbs starts off with a positive observation that following President Trump’s speech at the UN, we now find Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Afghan president praising the United States.

He asks, “When in the world did we ever think we would ever hear, certainly not during eight years of the Obama administration, and now Xi Jinping is acting like a true strategic partner.”

His guest, Ambassador John Bolton describes the events as a mark of the success the President has had, despite all of the criticism he’s gotten. This week has been a triumph for him.” He also believes that Xi Jinping appreciates that Barack Obama is no long ‘president’ and Donald Trump is a very serious person.,” that this president means what he says and the one before him didn’t.

Dobbs shifts to domestic politics, pointing out that Susan Rice is up to her old lying ways again, specifically on the issue of unmasking of Trump transition team members. Dobbs raises the case of Samantha Power and what is ultimately in excess of 350 requests to unmask individuals.

Bolton observes how his attempt to do so in approximately ten instances when he held a similar position sent Democrats into fits at his confirmation hearings. He’d like to see how she needed thirty-five times more identity information and for what rationale.

Dobbs notes that the Senate Intelligence Committee is run by the Democrats despite there being a figurehead Republican in position and how Mueller is completely rogue and “has the capacity to control the government.”

Bolton admits to somehow being “a fan of Senator Burr’s” though it’s inconceivable how, expressing his own optimism that he’ll be able to regain control of the out of control “investigation.” Bolton  comments that if he doesn’t the American people are going to lose confidence in our intelligence agencies.”

Dobbs jumps on that absurd comment, asking, “Who would have confidence in our intelligence agencies?” He could follow that up with a similar question about Senator Burr, who treated the admitted dirty cop and espionage criminal James Comey as if he were a hero in his hearing appearance.

Dobbs reminds Bolton of the level of betrayal among the Obama regime officials at the very top. They both lay responsibility for the deep level of distrust in our intelligence agencies and corruption at the doorstep of Hussein Obama.

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2 Comments on Dobbs Bolton – As Trump Leads The World Obama Democrat Corruption Continues

  1. 0 comments all over the place, Rick. It’s not because of your articles because they are, as usual, excellent. I especially loved this one.

    Could it be that nobody else is getting your emails either? I hope you fix this. On the one hand, it’s much easier to get to your site, but I’m using an old email to pop through here.

  2. Trump made a great speech at the U.N. He also made great speeches during the campaign, promises that patriots wanted to hear, and are still waiting to embrace.

    I thought the era of speeches, with 180 degree on actions, was at an end. Still waiting for delivery of the big items.

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