Dobbs, Bolton – Intel Community Public Russia Charade Doesn’t Smell Right

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John Bolton sees it as a “remarkable development” that the key agencies in the intelligence community are refusing to brief their oversight committee in the House, the House Intelligence Committee. He says sarcastically, “Maybe they’re getting ready to brief the members of the Electoral College on Russia and mere members of Congress are suitably important for them.”

Bolton reads the events as a proclamation that “there is disagreement among members of the intelligence community over a lot of issues relating to the ‘hacking.'” Bolton is fine with disagreement, his problem is more the attempt on the part of the regime to create a smoothie, in which everybody is in agreement does a disservice to policy makers.

He says, “If I were on the House Intelligence Committee I’d be saying, ‘nobody’s cancelling here. Bring it on. If you want to debate in front of us that’s fine, we want to hear it.”

Lou Dobbs points out that if he were on the House Intelligence Committee he’d be curious about a couple of things first. “How is it that seventeen agencies have banded together to make a claim in the most ambiguous and abstract of forms that an act ill-defined and utterly vague took place during our elections, to what purpose, to what end and in favor of whom. None of which is addressed by the claim that the election was hacked.”

He asks, “What was hacked and what was the result and consequence? And why are these agencies talking about it in public instead of making their assessment, going ahead, seeking the approval of the chief executive of the country, namely ‘president’ Obama about how to respond instead of the public charade that has been perpetrated.”

Bolton reminds Mr. Dobbs that the charade started in early October with DNI Clapper being the “first one out of the box publicly to say the Russians are trying to interfere in the elections, they hacked the DNC, didn’t say anything about hacking the RNC at the time, that’s kind of interesting. So I’m just worried that what we’ve got here is that this politicization is going to discredit the important and legitimate work that goes on in most of these intelligence agencies because this is a performance that just has no parallel that I’m aware of.”

They ask, given the statements of Hussein Obama that a cyber attack would be treated as a physical attack and the assertions that a cyber attack has taken place, why has there been no response. Bolton believes that a month from now when the pathetic excuse for a ‘president’ leaves office, there needs to be a hard evaluation of our status in the cyber world. He’s afraid that we’re in just as much of a weakened condition there, as a result of this regime, as we are in the military and conventional warfare realm.

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