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Lou Dobbs says, “Let’s start with these revelations today,” as the latest in the never-ending reasons for why the Mueller witch hunt should be called off and its participants investigated is added to the “ignore” pile of evidence.

Dobbs points out to Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton that Bob Mueller “interviewed Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, who is his boss; he has oversight over Mueller and the special counsel.” And yet, after an interview, Rosenstein doesn’t recuse himself, Mueller just moves ahead. What is going on here?”

Fitton describes it as Mueller investigating himself. He points out that “the firing of Comey led to his appointment. Comey’s leaking of information led to his appointment. And Sessions recused himself almost immediately from anything of substance as it relates to Clinton and this whole Russia scandal.”

And so we’re faced with a constitutional mess over at the Justice Department where Rosenstein is being interviewed by the guy he’s supposed to be supervising, in theory.” Dobbs raises the issue that Rosenstein also appointed Mueller, which Fitton reminds the audience was only possible because Sessions recused himself.

Fitton says he believes that the special counsel regulations and Mueller’s appointment are constitutionally suspect. He notes that Mueller isn’t really a US Attorney, he hasn’t been subject to Senate confirmation, he’s not supervised on a day to day basis by anyone and “at best he can be fired after the fact.”

Fitton says, “He’s an appointed bureaucrat exercising powers I don’t think he should be able to.” Dobbs points out that despite going so far beyond his charter that it’s stunning, the Republican leadership of the Senate and House are not raising their hands even a moment to say “we really need to have some discussion here about the way you’re comporting yourself and the way you’re moving ahead.”

Observing that the witch hunt has been underway for more than a year by the FBI and for five months by the so-called special counsel, at this point “the American people have got to be wondering, after watching Clapper lie again, watching Brennan’s lies unfold before us, what in the world is this government, so-called, that was left behind by Barack Obama? How rancid is it, how corrupt is it?

Fitton makes the case that the real election impropriety arose not from anything to do with Russia but from the ability and the willingness of the corrupt Obama officials to utilize their ability to spy on their opposition in order to influence the outcome.

Mueller, the IRS and Obama successfully collaborated to suppress the TEA Party movement in order to change the outcome of the 2012 election. He calls it a successful effort to steal that election. In 2016 many of the same players protected Hillary Clinton and Obama and are continuing to do so through Mueller and likely Sessions.

Dobbs asks what can be done, that the American people aren’t willing to just sit here and be rolled over again by a corrupt federal government. Fitton speaks in generalities about making sure “the officials who have the public trust and the responsibility step up to the plate.”

An agitated Dobbs wants specifics, asking, “Who would that be, Tom?” as he runs down a list of feckless traitors in those positions, Ryan, McConnell, the intel agencies and the corrupt FBI.

Fitton replies, “I think if Sessions doesn’t step up and unrecuse himself and take control over this rogue special counsel investigation, the President should exercise his authority under the Constitution to police the Justice Department and remove Mr. Mueller.”

Dobbs says, “At this point you know he would be eaten alive by his own party. That really isn’t a possibility for him in the near term.

Dobbs closes saying, “What we are watching, in my judgment, is the establishment, which owns both political parties’ leadership, we’re watching the establishment use Mueller for what he is used best, and that is as a tool against the one person, the one person who can change the direction of what has been an increasing corruption in federal government and that is the President of the United States, and I think it’s that straightforward.”

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5 Comments on DOBBS- Americans Won’t Be Rolled By CORRUPT MUELLER, FEDS, SESSIONS, CONGRESS

  1. Mueller is working in his position illegally. He interviewed Rosenstein, which is against the law, as stated in this article. The President’s movement isn’t cooling. Where have you been. They just reported that his poll measurements are going up.

  2. At this point I think Dobbs has blinders on where Trump is concerned. He only looks at the what Trump says and the growth in the stock market. All the “corruption” is totally being ignored and even enabled. The WH, IMO, is a big swamp of it’s own.

    • If you noticed I didn’t put anything up from Dobbs last week, or in that time frame, when he was overlooking the capitulation on DACA and applauding the deals with pelosi and schumer. I have seen the same tendencies and agree.

  3. Trump is doing more damage to his Presidency than Mueller has. A close observation of his Huntsville audience shows his movement is cooling.

    • I don’t believe that, David. Trump is doing what he has to in order to survive at the moment. His people need to help him, and many are: Tom Fitton and Lou Dobbs for only a couple of them. There are many. The people voting in Alabama will get Moore in, we have to pray for that. But the only person I’ve seen going after Mueller and Comey is Trey Gowdy. He’s making some progress, at least in making people listen to him. But he’s under attack by many also, so he’s needing prayers too. I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the U.S. still has a chance.

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