Dobbs Offers Sincere Advice To AG Jeff Sessions – It’s Time To Retire

Lou Dobbs reviewed the performance of AG Sessions in today’s House testimony coupled with his performance to date in the position of Attorney General. A change is needed…

lou dobbs sessions

Lou Dobbs opened his commentary with a little sarcasm, saying, “What a treat we had today on Capitol Hill.” He then proceeded with his critique of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ performance in his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Dobbs notes that Sessions was harshly criticized by both Democrats and Republicans.

“Democrats,” he points out, “for his apparent failure to remember much of anything at all.” Dobbs plays what is should be an embarrassing montage of Sessions saying “I don’t recall” repeatedly in various forms.  

Dobbs then plays a clip of Rep Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) making a point of the number of times Sessions’ difficulty in remembering prevented him from answering a question in various situations. Jeffries notes a comment by Sessions during a 2016 Lou Dobbs interview in which he stated that the failure to remember can constitute perjury in a discussion of Hillary Clinton.

Dobbs observes, “Now honestly, I certainly don’t believe the Attorney General in any way is committing perjury. I think he’s a nice fellow, in fact, a good man. But he is not carrying out his duties as Attorney General as anyone could reasonably expect, certainly not the President of the United States.”   [VIDEO BELOW]

“It is clear each time that he testifies,” says Dobbs, “that he has forgotten just a little more, too much, in fact, of his distinguished career. He is obviously not leading or managing the Justice Department. His deputies are all too obviously leading him, or accurately, it appears from today’s testimony, misleading him.

Dobbs continues, “And in his few public appearances since he took the job, he does not look like a man who has found either joy or fulfillment in being this nation’s top law enforcement officer.”

“I would offer Sessions this counsel,” says Dobbs. “He has served the public well and now is the time to serve himself. Put aside the battles you obviously don’t relish, the fights that are so important to the nation. Don’t deny your family and your friends now, or yourself.”

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