Dobbs – Acting FBI Director Linked To Podesta, Clintons, McAuliffe – Hid $700K Campaign Donations

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “James Comey, Andrew McCabe and the Hillary and Bill Clinton case.  Andrew McCabe, good friend of John Podesta, married to a Democrat candidate, an unsuccessful Democrat Candidate, testifying about the FBI’s decision, or at least James Comey’s decision, not to prosecute Hillary Clinton and the reaction within the agency.”

The same guy who gushed to Senator Heinrich (D-NM) that most FBI employees “enjoyed a deep, positive connection with Comey” was forced to admit, in the interest of appearing objective and remotely truthful, the other side of that argument. He said, “There were folks within our agency who were frustrated with the outcome of the Hillary Clinton case and some of those folks were very vocal about that, uh, those concerns.”

The highly placed deep state Democrat operative McCabe should be aware that it wasn’t just folks inside the agency who were frustrated. Most believe the fix was in and would have remained that way as long as Comey and McCabe were a team. AG Sessions might want to position round the clock guards on the evidence.

Dobbs responded with a declaration of, “And for good reason. The  Inspector General is right now reviewing whether McCabe should have recused himself from that investigation, this after McCabe failed to disclose donations that his wife Jill received for her 2015 Virginia State Senate run as a Democrat candidate.”

“Those $700,000 in donations,” notes Dobbs, “facilitated by none other than Clinton ally, Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia. In fact, McCabe failed to file the necessary disclosures until 3 days after Comey recommended [against] charges in the Clinton case last July. And now, with Comey gone, a man with long and tight ties to the Clintons and who has a, something of an aversion to paperwork, obviously,  serving as acting director of the very agency that was repelled by the Democrat National Committee, even as the FBI warned them that the Russians had invaded their servers.’

Dobbs points out, “FBI veterans [are] already warning that the Clinton investigation could be reopened because there are so many unanswered questions. And the answers they did produce are, well, troubling.” Dobbs asks, “Do you suppose McCabe should recuse himself, given his significant ties to the Clintons, to McAuliffe, to Podesta?

He observes, “I would say all of those folks, it seems to me, have every reason to be concerned that the status quo they created through all of those relationships is no longer tenable and never, ever should have been acceptable to an agency built on integrity and trust like the FBI.”

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