Dobbs – 14 GOP Sellouts Who Betrayed Sessions, Trump, Americans As Bad As Dems

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Lou Dobbs had some obvious disgust as he offered his “few thoughts on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself today from any investigations about the 2016 Presidential campaign. The White House earlier in a statement slammed the attack by “partisan Democrats, appropriately, adding that it’s no surprise the story is being pushed by the national left-wing media as well after President Trump’s immensely successful address to a joint session of Congress.”

“President Trump has said himself,” notes Dobbs, “that he has total confidence in his Attorney General. And believe it or not, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle discounted fairness, judgment and their certain knowledge that our Attorney General is a man of principle and great integrity. They shamelessly rushed to pounce on their colleague to exploit him politically.”

And more than a few of his fellow Republicans besmirched themselves by piling on as well. Incredibly, at least fourteen republicans also called on the Attorney General to recuse himself ahead of his announcement to do so.” Dobbs observes that “Some Democrats took it a step further, demanding nothing short of Sessions’ ouster. In fact, more than fifty Democrats called on Sessions to resign outright.”

“That charge, says Dobbs, ‘led by the head clown, as our President calls Senator Chuck Schumer, the craven and simply awful Senate Minority Leader, who is doubling down on his call for a special prosecutor. I’d like to remind the Senator that the Obama administration heard those calls and rejected all calls for a special prosecutor in at least 8 separate instances, including on Benghazi. Do we remember Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, the leaks of classified material on targeted terrorists and the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservatives and conservative groups.”

Dobbs says, “We know who and what the Dems are, and they are so little, their conduct today entirely in keeping. But to watch a dozen Republicans, just as craven and awful as the left attack Attorney General Sessions is unfathomable, even in these times that, without question, try our souls.

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8 Comments on Dobbs – 14 GOP Sellouts Who Betrayed Sessions, Trump, Americans As Bad As Dems

  1. Denis Flaherty // March 3, 2017 at 10:41 pm // Reply

    After Loretta Lynch, Sessions is a bad guy? baaaaahaaaaaa You’re kidding, right?

  2. There Corupt on both sides Rick! Wish Trump would just STOP Feeding these Sharks! Basically doing The “right thing” when no law has not been broke! We have sat and watched every Criminal act right in our faces, with these Untouchable Criminals! Quite frankly I am sick of it like many Americans. If Trump keeps playing the good guy, he will have no one left in his cabinet or to investigate a case,etc! The pickings are low as it is. Do you know who these Gop sellouts are? List them, please if you do.Interesting also, many were sweating over Sessions! Seen this? Find many articles on it. Not the Mainstream. Any of them against Trump, have something to hide!

  3. I don’t like Sessions and will not defend him. He went behind Trump’s promise of leaving the issue of marijuana to the States, where it belongs, to exercise his own policy that is NOT even a priority. Every day I find validation of my suspicions that Sessions has a relationship with Big Pharma. I hope he gets what he deserves.

  4. These Democrat “attack weasels” reflect hypocrisy to the third power. They ignore the proven 8 instances when a special prosecutor should have definitely been appointed to investigate overtly corrupt behavior by members of Obama’s administration; and, I hope that some of the RINOs siding with these unprincipled Obama/Clinton/Soros-bought sycophants get “primaried” into retirement in 2018. We have been given an incredible opportunity to reverse 8 yrs of Obama’s socialist experiment, so we need to get it done … ASAP … to fulfill the promises made to the American people.

  5. tom scanlan // March 3, 2017 at 10:57 am // Reply

    Democrats never betrayed me because I never trusted them. The Republicans are the ones who have betrayed me. I’m angry. Trump is the illustration of just how angry I am

  6. List the 14 GOP sellouts.

  7. Dr. Deplorable // March 3, 2017 at 10:29 am // Reply

    Love & Respect Sen. & Attorney General Sessions!

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