DNC Chair, CA State Chair Curse GOP, Trump, Dems From Convention Stage

tom perez


If any California Democrats or Democrats in general have any shame left, they might now realize that the Democrat Party is too trashy for them to be a part of. If they don’t see it, they’re probably in the very sewer they belong in and would be out of place among civilized, respectful people.

The little wormy radical, DNC Chairman, Thomas Perez, has been incorporating inappropriate behavior and “tough guy” profanity into his speeches since before he was elected DNC Chairman and even more so since. The attack Chihuahua received a dose of his own medicine, being heckled throughout his speech, as others were as well, at  the California Democrat convention.

A Sacramento nurse’s union that that is demanding a single-payer healthcare system has been subjecting Perez to the same kind of treatment he’s been giving President Trump. It’s fitting that he be on the receiving end and that Democrats begin now to turn on their own , as they ultimately will as the pool of their version of “us” gets progressively smaller in the war against the “evil self-determination” crowd of “them.”

Perez and other speakers where heckled incessantly in the same  manner that their agents provocateur did to the President during his campaign rallies. Trump had the agitators removed. The Democrats chose to endure it and to play cool and tough by using foul language. They were unsuccessful in shutting down the hecklers and made themselves look petty and unprofessional through their use of foul language, both in their failed attempts to silence their internal opposition and their insults against President Trump.

Demonstrating his state organization has just as much class as the Democrat National Committee, state party chairman John Burton got took the microphone from a speaker momentarily telling the attendees to “Shut the [email protected] up or go outside, all right?” They didn’t appear to take his advice on either count.

Perez followed his now familiar line of humorless joking about President Trump and Republicans, saying that the effort to repeal the failing Obamacare before it drops dead in a heap of broken Pelosi promises proves that Republicans “don’t give a sh*t” about people.

They fixing the mess you people deliberately created, Perez, who are Democrats to talk.

Burton also received a weak standing ovation from some of the attendees following his yelling from the stage, “[email protected] Donald Trump!” Shameful, that’s California Democrats, and Democrats in general.

John Burton Makes A Democrat of Himself on Stage as Well

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3 Comments on DNC Chair, CA State Chair Curse GOP, Trump, Dems From Convention Stage

  1. There are no more nice Demorats because most of them are likeHollywood ding bats that think they are the elite of the US , they all come out of a cesspool!

  2. I was stunned when many of my lifelong Democratic friends told me the party and it’s following had finally gone to far and that they no longer can relate. They voted for Trump or didn’t vote. Insulting them them will drive them back.

  3. And the one thousand question is; “Why are there no nice Democrats”.

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