Joe diGenova exposes the duplicity of Gowdy and Sessions in acts against Trump, that Gowdy is covering for Mueller with only a sanitized verbal briefing, no docs…

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Sean Hannity sets the stage for Joe diGenova’s stinging rebuke of RINO propagandist for the left, Trey Gowdy, by first addressing the fact that the actions of AG Jeff Sessions have now been exposed as completely unnecessary and indefensible.

DiGenova says, “It was an unforced betrayal of the President of the United States, who had appointed him. And here’s the problem,” going into the fact that it the Russia hoax was at that time a counterintelligence ‘investigation,’ and that Sessions didn’t have to recuse himself, and could and should have supervised the case.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

He says, “Even if criminal matters came up, he would not necessarily have had to recuse himself. In fact, we now know that it remains basically a counterintelligence investigation, and the only thing that Mueller wants to do is interview the President of the United States, for no good reason, in order to get evidence so he can refer it to the House of Representatives.”

DiGenova says, “There’s never going to be an interview, the President should never agree to an interview, and it is very, very sad that Jeff Sessions created this problem by getting out of something that he never should have gotten out of at that point.”

He continues later, noting that the witch hunt has been going on for over two years now. “It was started by a group of intelligence and law enforcement officials, led by John Brennan and James Comey, who created false intelligence and fed it back into Americans who were lured overseas by Stephan Halper, who was an agent provocateur used by Brennan and the FBI to ensnare Americans who were completely innocent.”

As Hannity mentions the phony narrative and the desperate attempts by Rep Trey Gowdy to save the Mueller witch hunt and COUP participants from justice by defending their indefensible acts, both diGenova and Gregg Jarrett are obviously repulsed at the mention of his name. Some more light is then shone on the illegitimate, obviously political nature of his duplicitous actions.

DiGenova says, “Oh, please, don’t even bring up Trey Gowdy tonight, that idiotic comment that he made last night and this morning about everything was done by the book. This is ludicrous. This is a false narrative created by the FBI and the CIA, to plant intelligence overseas with Americans who were then feeding it back to the United States in emails and phone calls.”

” And the FBI took that information,” he says, “and used it to get a false narrative in front of the FISA courts to get warrants. This is disgraceful. You know what, when Trey Gowdy was briefed the other day, they did not get to see one single document. How can you possibly say the things that he has said in the last twenty-four hours without seeing any documents? This is ludicrous.”

You can say it if you’re not interested in the truth but only in the political outcome and protecting participants in a COUP against the President of the United States. And Mr. diGenova if fully aware that’s exactly what Mr. Ah Shucks, Yes Ma’am is up to. Sometimes a silver-tongued devil really is the devil.

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