Fascist Dick’s Imposes Corporate Anti-Second Amendment Gun Policy

Dick’s Sporting Goods is attacking the Second Amendment and all Americans by imposing Democrat gun control throughout their network of stores. The stunt is a supposedly a…

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Now might be a good time to sell stock held in Dick’s Sporting Goods, (DKS) before the backlash from their decision to impose “Dick’s Gun Control” on America makes it worth significantly less. Just like Target imposed their own “We’re All One Sex Now” dressing room policies, it’s not going to go unpunished by the American public.

Dick’s CEO, Edward Stack, released a memo to the media explaining the company’s position, which is their right. It’s also the right of every American to shop somewhere else.

Stack went on a media tour to sell his position and encourage others to join them, stopping first at libtard George Stephanopoulos’ place, ABC. Stack said, describing how the Parkland shooting led to their decision, saying, “We were so disturbed and saddened by what happened we felt we really needed to do something.” It doesn’t have to be the right thing, just something.

But how much of this is a PR effort, since after Sandy Hook they haven’t been selling AR-15s in Dick’s stores anyway. What he’s announcing is that they won’t be sold in their Field and Stream stores, and the age and other restrictions.

He says he’s aware that there will be a backlash but they’re willing to be as brave as the kids. Those kids don’t have businesses that will be impacted. They’re going to be in class again but his business will suffer permanent damage. Leftist “bravery” shouldn’t be confused with unpatriotic stupidity.

He gets political saying he hopes they’ll “pull something together,” that they don’t want to see the partisan politics. What kind of liar is this guy? He’s supporting the position of the biggest partisan anti-American force since the founding of this nation, the Democrat Party. He doesn’t want partisan politics because he wants the Republicans to simply surrender.

The reason behind the charade comes out as the final point, in which Stephanopoulos tells stack, “You believe you can support the Second Amendment and still do more to protect schools.” He then goes on to deliver the sales pitch, “We are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment. I’m a gun owner myself.”

He’s not a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, he’s the enemy. He’s working with the globalist Democrats to start that slide down the slippery slope.

Stack detailed his company’s new positions and objectives in his letter to the media, stating:

We will no longer sell assault-style rifles, also referred to as modern sporting rifles. We had already removed them from all DICK’S stores after the Sandy Hook massacre, but we will now remove them from sale at all 35 Field & Stream stores.

We will no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21 years of age.

We will no longer sell high capacity magazines.

We never have and never will sell bump stocks that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly.

At the same time, we implore our elected officials to enact common sense gun reform and pass the following regulations:

Ban assault-style firearms

Raise the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21

Ban high capacity magazines and bump stocks

Require universal background checks that include relevant mental health information and previous interactions with the law

Ensure a complete universal database of those banned from buying firearms

Close the private sale and gun show loophole that waives the necessity of background checks

We hope others join us in this effort to let our kids know that their pleas are being taken seriously.

Some will say these steps can’t guarantee tragedies like Parkland will never happen again. They may be correct – but if common sense reform is enacted and even one life is saved, it will have been worth it.

We deeply believe that this country’s most precious gift is our children. They are our future. We must keep them safe.

His statement reads like an excerpt out of a Democrat gun-grabbing manual and the sad thing is it’s all just a stunt that does nothing to keep kids or anyone else safe. They call themselves Dick’s for a reason.

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6 Comments on Fascist Dick’s Imposes Corporate Anti-Second Amendment Gun Policy

  1. Bill Shuster // March 2, 2018 at 1:27 am // Reply

    I support the Second Amendment! I am the NRA! I refuse to purchase anything from “Dick’s, Field and Stream” or any other operation that is against the Constitution of the United States of America. I suggest all other sportsmen and citizens do the same.
    They have the right to set their company policies, protected buy our constitution, and in turn we have the right to NOT support them. More business for the internet vendors!

  2. I guess these people are liberals first and entrepreneurs second. Maybe they believe that there is a bigger market with the new breed of snowflakes. As the male population is being neutered they could be right.

  3. TheRealDavid // March 1, 2018 at 6:29 am // Reply

    The sorry thing is, Dick’s won’t see any backlash or boycotting of their stores ’cause all real Americans and serious gun purchasers never went to their lousy stores. So, we can’t stop going.
    Dicky-boy should continue to try to make a living off his loyal lib’s. Otherwise, shut it down.

  4. if they already removed the AR 15 from their stores after Sandy Hook, THEN WHY ALL THE GRAND STANDING NOW?

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