Dick Morris – Why US and Russia Are Good For Each Other Vs China

dick morris


Dick Morris explains that rather than Donald Trump being criticized for his stance with Russia, he should be praised for his brilliance, that what he’s doing is essentially reverse-engineering what Richard Nixon did with China and applying it to Russia.

He says the heart of the CIA allegations of election interference by the Russians emanates from charges that Putin wanted Trump to win and intervened in the US election, which is to say put out propaganda, rather than any hacking, in order to try to help Trump win. Morris clarifies that what Russia allegedly did was to release emails sent to other elected officials that they attempted to hide from the American  people. There’s no indication that any of those were not correct or were forgeries.”

Morris asks, “But why did Putin care that Trump win? And the answer is very clear, China. Putin is sitting there with a neighbor that hates him, with six times or seven times the population, five times the size of the economy, five times the GDP. Whereas Russia is an economy almost wholly dependent on oil and gas, which makes it as vulnerable to fluctuations in the world supply as Saudi Arabia is.”

He notes, “China has a booming economy with high tech sectors, a tremendous capability that the Russians can only dream about. So Putin needs allies against China and, by the way, so does Trump. Trump is confronting a country that is almost single handedly causing the economic problems we have in the United States. With a trade deficit of $400 billion in a GDP of $18 trillion, a tremendous drain on our economy.”

Morris reminds us that they do it not by out-competing us but by manipulating their currency so as to undercut us. And at the same time they’re then using the money that they get from this trade surplus to build up their military and undermine us in the South China Sea and other places on the globe. And particularly of interest to Trump is their forays into Latin America.”

Morris asks if the audience realizes that China is building, at this moment, boots and shovels on the ground, a canal to compete with the Panama Canal across Nicaragua? And all they have to do is make their canal a little wider than the Panama Canal and boats will be built to that spec and the Panama Canal will be out of business. Based upon this reality, he states, Trump needs Putin and Putin needs Trump to go against China.

That’s not nearly as much fun for the mainstream parrots as accusing him of malfeasance, but it’s a lot more truthful. And it’s not what the lobbies who own the press want said about their partner and his adversaries.


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