Dick Morris – US Record On Interfering In Foreign Elections Much Worse Than Hacking Emails

dick morris


Dick Morris observes “there’s a holier-than-thou attitude” among the Democrats, that “they are ‘so shocked that Russia tried to influence the US election. Now they’re also saying that Trump arranged for that, which is nonsense, baloney, unproven and all of that.” Morris believes that Russia probably did hack the DNC computers, despite there being no evidence, reminding us that even so, “Those emails all happened, they were all accurate, nothing was made up.  And you could argue that they probably should have seen the light of day.”

“But please,” says Morris, “spare me this holier-than-thou attitude, that this is unprecedented, it’s never happened and so on.  The poster boy for intervening in other people’s elections is the United States and the CIA. It began in the early fifties, when Guatemala elected a leftist as president, elected a leftist and the United States intervened, threatened military action, ran a bomber that flew low over the presidential palace, and the president was forced to resign.”

Morris continues, “Then later in the decade the Iranians elected a democratic leader and the United States couldn’t handle it because we thought he was going to nationalize the oil wells, they thought he might be pro-Soviet, pro-Russian, and the United States did everything it could to mount a coup against him and put the Shah in power. And it was the bitterness from that transaction that led to these horrible relations we now have with Iran.”

He points to our intervention in the Congo after the election of Patrice Lumumba, who was “assassinated in circumstances that have led many people to speculate that it was a hit by the CIA and there’s been some evidence to that effect.

Salvador Allende in Chile is another example cited by Morris of Americans seriously getting into the electoral affairs of another nation. The CIA  mounted two coup attempts against the elected leader of Chile, three years apart, with the second one being successful and Allende being killed.

Morris also reveals efforts he and Bill Clinton engaged in to get Boris Yeltsen reelected in Russia with Bill Clinton effectively running the Yeltsen campaign from the Oval Office.  He also addresses the V15 effort by Hussein Obama in 2015 which none of the media wants to admit happened in which $350,000 US taxpayer dollars went to Obama cronies in an effort to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“So please,” says Morris, “What Russia did is minor compared to those examples.” The list is much longer, with two recent examples he didn’t include being the US overthrowing and execution of Saddam Hussein by George W. Bush and Muammar Gaddafi by Democrats Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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