Dick Morris – Make Trey Gowdy FBI Director, Dump The Russia Stuff, Watch The Fireworks

dick morris


Dick Morris says the Republicans have to realize the way the Democrats are fighting and to smarten up. He describes them, saying, “They’ve taken this totally phony issue, without a scintilla of evidence or even hint of accuracy and they have blown it into an issue that is imperiling the future of western civilization in their view, the idea of Russian involvement in the US election.”

“Now first of all it is probably true that Russia hacked the DNC computers,” [murder of Seth Rich not withstanding], but it is certainly not true that Trump told them to and it’s certainly not true that Trump and Putin cooked up a deal to influence the US election.”

Morris acknowledges, “It probably is true that Putin wanted Trump to win, or more to the point wanted Hillary to lose, but so what? And the whole idea that our democracy has somehow been undermined is ludicrous. If he’d monkeyed with our vote count that would be something else. If he had pushed overt lies and disinformation, well that might be bad too, although, you know, not that bad, people do that.”

“But he didn’t do that,” Morris reminds us, “all he did was publish the accurate emails that the DNC actually sent and actually received when they maintained that there was no bias, that they were neutral in the primary fight.”

Morris urges, “If we are going to be confronted with this kind of environment, play hardball. Designate Trey Gowdy and have him do a full investigation, impartial and everything about the Russian stuff, and undoubtedly conclude that there’s nothing there, but then go after the Clinton Foundation and email scandal and all of that stuff.”

“The shoe should be on the other foot here,” says Morris. The person who should be looking at indictment and censure is not Donald Trump but Hillary Clinton. And it’s about time the Republicans named an FBI director who, in concert with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, would really get at the truth of the matter.”

Morris says, “This isn’t just sour grapes, it isn’t just vengefulness, the idea that the Secretary of Stateship [sic] was for sale and that access to the American government and favors would go to the highest bidder is just outrageous. And that crime should not go unprosecuted.”

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6 Comments on Dick Morris – Make Trey Gowdy FBI Director, Dump The Russia Stuff, Watch The Fireworks

  1. should elect someone brand New to be the FBI director.

  2. IMO, Gowdy is as corrupt as the rest of them. How many investigations has he had with zero results. He sure is good at bluster though.

  3. I would NOT recommend making any member of Congress the FBI Director. “CHAFFETZ, GOWDY & ISSA are foremost among those who violated their oaths of office by failing to prosecute those politicians & elite who are clearly guilty of high crimes. THEY are the appeasers that help create the pacifists who fall asleep & later wonder why America is in the state it’s in.”
    “Gowdy, Jordan, Chaffetz! They are As Guilty As The FB! It’s All A Show!” Youtube
    “The American Appeasers: Gowdy, Issa and Chaffetz – The Show Goes On” Sons of Liberty Media

  4. Deplorable Doctor // May 13, 2017 at 10:14 pm // Reply

    Much respect for Dick Morris!

  5. Here’s hoping. And praying , our country is in desperate need of the execution of justice, the rule of law and the prevalence of truth

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