Dick Morris – Leaking Mueller Out For Blood, Plotting To Take Trump Down

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“Robert Mueller, the new special prosecutor,” says Dick Morris, “is out for Trump’s head in the worst possible way.” He comments on the relationship between Comey, the pretext upon their third wheel, Rod Rosenstein, appointed Mueller, as them being “quite an item.”

Morris notes that Comey and Mueller are” best friends, they worked together, they were hand in glove partners at the Justice Department when Mueller was the head of the FBI and Comey was the Assistant Attorney General, and at one point the acting attorney general and they’ve worked together seamlessly throughout. They even worked together in the prosecution of the anthrax bomber, where they had the wrong man.”

Morris says, “Mueller is clearly out for blood, he is determined to bring Trump down.” He points out that the very existence of two articles that frame the next steps of the witch hunt show the underhanded tactics that Mueller is using in order to get Trump’s head on a platter. “They were both anonymously sourced and obviously came from Mueller’s office. So he is continuing the policy that Comey followed of denying leaks, castigating them in public, ‘planning to investigate them,’ and then leaking like crazy to the media to get your points made.”

Morris says, “This concept of trying the person you’re investigating in the press and leaking every single little artifact of your investigation, is terrible, it’s outrageous and he should not be allowed to get away with it. I think he should be censured for that and I think that Congress should pass a law and Trump sign it, prescribing very severe penalties for leaking from a special prosecutor investigation.”

The first of the two articles reported the decision by Mueller to target the President based upon the universal gotcha of “obstruction of justice.” Morris points out that “When a special prosecutor is hired to investigate a crime that never occurred, and go after somebody who is in no way responsible for it, what they do is they then investigate the investigation.

He explains how that model is now being followed, along with the other useful tool when hunting witches, that of carte blanche to investigate and thereby attack the President on any basis, any issue or possible offense, real or imagined, once an investigation has been opened. The combination of the two may be insurmountable and they’ve got the media pressing their case as well.

Morris reminds America, “We worked damn hard to elect Trump, we’re going to work very hard to reelect Trump, but we need to work very hard right now to spread the word that this investigation is bogus, that it’s investigating something that never occurred, that it’s a Democrat Party game of gotcha escalated to the ultimate degree. And we’d better work damn hard to keep Donald Trump, not just to elect and reelect him, but it’s going to take a real effort to keep him and keep those Republican votes in line in the House and the Senate.”

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4 Comments on Dick Morris – Leaking Mueller Out For Blood, Plotting To Take Trump Down

  1. Thomas Oakley // June 25, 2017 at 4:38 am // Reply

    How about any so called leak that comes out and is printed in a newspaper or shown on tv, etc should be fair game. The offender a reporter or a college professor or a tv/cable company should have the top dog asked where the leak came from, name, etc….if they do not provide the into, hold in contempt and put into a nice jail cell in the DC jail till they give it up, then follow where the leak came from and prosecute the leaker, (TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW) O yes not the fbi, someone we can trust given full powers like may be sheriff Clarke or some out that is not part of the swamp.

  2. We know this is a bogus investigation every bit of it and I am tired of the money they are wasting it this is nothing but the communist party trying to take control of our country

  3. Lee Roberts // June 17, 2017 at 7:05 pm // Reply

    GUTLESS is the key word, here.
    And with Mitch McCrooked and Paul Ryan, et al, also ball-less, chinless, spineless, gutless and weepy-eyed girly-men. They know nothing of The People, only concerned with their wallets.

  4. Lee Roberts // June 17, 2017 at 7:00 pm // Reply

    Methinks Trump & Co. had better “take them out”; first… strike, while the iron is hot. AAMOF, IMNSHO, I’m surprised the Klinton/Bush/Omoron Mafia hasn’t gotten rid of this former Slick Willie supporter, yet.
    Do “leopards really change their stripes”? — OwlGore

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