Dick Morris – Hillary Clinton Is Preparing For A 2020 Presidential Run

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Dick Morris says, “Hillary’s had a very active post-presidential campaign period, or at least her campaign has, and it raises the question of what she’s up to. She never does anything without a motivation. She’s challenged the campaign vote totals in acting through the guise of the Green Party candidate Jill Stein, with money that Hillary’s people probably raised for her. Demanded recounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. No recount dented Trump’s lead at all, in fact, some of them actually found extra Trump votes.

Morris goes on to the next example of the busy former candidate, saying, “Then she move on to the CIA, which said there was evidence that Russia hacked into the US election and deliberately tried to help Trump win.” He notes that the campaign “has called for an investigation report by the CIA to the electoral college about the results of its inquiry.”

He observes, “Now, Obama of all people threw cold water on that, making the point that there no evidence at all of any interference with the votes being cast or counted. The interference was that ‘they’ worked with WikiLeaks to unearth emails that were embarrassing to Hillary and the people in her campaign. And that certainly, while it might be unseemly, certainly is not illegal or something to get really upset about.”

“But she’s given it a lot of publicity,” he notes, “her minions are talking about it constantly. And then she of course emphasizes the ‘fact’ that she won the popular vote by two million votes. So what’s she up to? Well, I can only speculate. Whenever I hear anybody say that Hillary is definitely not going to run for something my ears perk up, my hair stands on edge, and I listen intently for signs that she is going to run again. I believe this woman will stop running when her pulse stops beating.”

Morris says, “If she’s alive in 2020, albeit at the age of 73, I think she may well run. And I think what she’s doing now is sort of laying in an asterisk to be attached to the Trump victory so as to mitigate the impact on her future career.

He goes on to provide more information as to why he believes this to be a very real possibility. She’s already in bad shape physically so it may not be something we have to deal with. By then she might be in prison or at a minimum have the criminal background that precludes her from running. Morris is making a strong argument in favor of prosecuting this woman, to put the threat of her seeking the presidency once and for all to rest.

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