Dick Morris – Democrats Fear Education Secretary Devos Could Be The End Their Party

dick morris


Dick Morris believes that Democrats understand that Betsy Devos is a mortal threat to them and that is the reason why they did everything they could, utilizing every stunt in their play book to defeat her. Despite persuading two of the RINOs in the GOP to split and join ranks with the anti-American Democrats in voting against her, she was still confirmed by virtue of the first broken tie vote ever cast by a Vice President.

Morris asks, “But why Education Secretary, why not one of the more important positions? The answer is that Betsy Devos is a mortal threat to the Democrat Party and they recognize it [sic] as such. And they pulled out all the stops to try to block her confirmation because at last we’re going to have an Education Secretary who is fully committed to school choice, to charter schools, to vouchers, to private and parochial schools, to letting all students, minority, handicapped, disabled, all go to the school of their choice and of their parents’ choice.”

“Doesn’t seem like a radical proposition,” say Morris, “but it is. Because the key reason those schools are effective and more effective than regular public schools is that they’re not bound by union contracts. They’re not bound by collective bargaining agreements. Which means the principal has broad discretion to hire, to fire, to promote, to demote and to dismiss teachers that are not any good. They’re not protected by tenure. This is a mortal threat to the teachers’ union and a mortal threat, therefore, to the Democrat Party, which depends on the teachers’ union for a large portion of its funding.”

Morris says, “The ultimate conflict that the Democrats fear, is to pit their base, black and Hispanic parents who want their children to get a good education, against their funding source, the teachers’ union in a mortal conflict. The Democrat Party might not survive that conflict and certainly cannot survive it with its minority vote base intact.

He cites examples in Philadelphia and New York that illustrate how badly reform is needed and how damaging the union control of the educators has been, one of many faults within the academic and education system of America.  Morris adds, “As she begins to expand the landscape of education choices, to break and dilute the power of the union, watch the Democrats scream and watch their base turn away from them.”

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5 Comments on Dick Morris – Democrats Fear Education Secretary Devos Could Be The End Their Party

  1. some subject can be taught by using a laptop or tablet……children can learn very well on their own using a tablet….I see two and four year old boys learning colors, numbers, songs, letters, etc with programs on the tablet provider by

  2. Yes, David, I was thinking along those lines too. Common Core has been too influential and destructive to the education of children.

  3. David Hogston // February 12, 2017 at 1:13 pm // Reply

    Dick Morris is correct, yet the threat goes even deeper. Young minds are malleable and subject to being molded by teachers who are not only instructing students with the school curriculum but indoctrinating them with the democratic party philosophies. Hitler & other tyrants understood the use of indoctrination accompanied by taking the advantage of reinforcement by peer pressure virtually guarantees a future crop of democrats. Fully indoctrination into an ideology takes years & is usually irreversible. Results is people blind to contradiction evidence. DeVos derails their indoctrination & recruitment machine in ADDITION to undermining their voting block.

  4. Dr. Deplorable // February 12, 2017 at 11:42 am // Reply

    Dick Morris is one wise & understanding Gentleman. Please pray for the life of Betsy Devos, because HildaBeast, Podesta & the DNC will try to have her killed like they have killed so many in the past who have got in their way with Truth.

  5. TONYA PARNELL // February 12, 2017 at 9:52 am // Reply


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