Dick Morris – Cut 60% Of Obamacare That’s Welfare, Change 40% Insurance

dick morris


Dick Morris offers some clarity into the confusing mass of conflicting statements and claims that the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare has become.

He directs our attention to the fact that the government of Hussein Obama has successfully manipulated us into a semantics game, urging us to remember that Obamacare is largely a welfare program. He says, “Never forget in the Obamacare debate that Obamacare is 60% welfare. Forty percent of it is an insurance program for people who’ve lost or never had insurance, who are working.

He says, “Sixty percent is for poor people, and involves no payment of premiums, no taking out of insurance, it’s just a welfare program. Medicaid has existed since 1964, the Obamacare program is brand new. In the Medicaid program people don’t pay in, in the Obamacare program they pay for their own insurance.”

“Obama has skillfully mixed the two of them,” says Morris, “so he pretends that it’s one program and he says that twelve million people are going to lose their coverage. Well, about seven or eight million of those don’t have coverage, what they have is welfare benefits, and they’ll lose those benefits. They didn’t have them before Obama took over and they’ll lose them now. They survived before, they’ll survive again.”

The other forty percent are people who may have had insurance or not but who now have to pay for insurance under Obamacare. They’re not going to lose their insurance, they’re going to continue to get insurance, but it’ll cost less, it’ll be more slimmed down to their needs, and protect them with catastrophic coverage.  So it’s very important that we realize this distinction.”

Morris points out, “That’s why Trump is correct in saying that he wants a welfare program like Medicaid to have a work requirement, that people have to work in order to get those benefits. That makes tremendous sense. And let’s separate the Medicaid welfare component, which is going to be cut and should be cut, from the insurance component , which should basically be replaced.

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