Dick Morris – Campaign Info Jackpot If Obama Lynch Granted First WireTap

dick morris


Dick Morris isn’t going for the head fakes that the Obama subversives are using to distract and divert attention from what was going on at the White House and DOJ during the campaign.

Morris says, “You know with all of the leaks and counter-leaks and accusations and denials, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamental fact that has emerged in the last week and Obama deliberately, and his people, obfuscate it to cover up this fact.  The fact is this, a month after Trump got the nomination, the Obama administration sought permission to wiretap him.”

He continues, “Not his staff, not his aides, him. So he became the Republican nominee when Cruz withdrew on May 3rd. And in June, Obama’s administration, with the approval of the Justice Department, with the approval of his appointee Loretta Lynch, went to the FISA court and asked for permission to put wiretaps on the Republican Presidential candidate.”

“Thank God it was denied, if it was,” he says with relief, “This would have been the most unbelievable violation of civil liberties and of political due process you can imagine. When you’re wiretapping you don’t just get national security stuff or any calls he might or might not have had with the Russians, you get his campaign plans, you get his schedule, you get his advertising, you learn what he’s going to say tomorrow and next week and next month.”

Morris says, “I mean it would just absolutely would confer an incredible advantage on the Hillary campaign and Obama sought to get it. He had not sensitivity to the civil liberties implications of that request.”

Morris closes saying, “This is the most outrageous, damning thing that I have ever heard out of the Obama White House and that’s saying something.”

Thinking back on all of the offenses over that long, miserable eight years, it certainly is.

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4 Comments on Dick Morris – Campaign Info Jackpot If Obama Lynch Granted First WireTap

  1. Can’t Obama be punished somehow just by ‘whipping out his gun’. He didnt use it because of the laws in place but him USING that ‘gun’ shows INTENT.
    They were going to punish Hillary but they couldnt show intent. (which is another trick. Of course shes guilty) HERE you have Obam red handed because Lynch can NOT get this done without Obamas permission.
    Even Al Capone’s right hand man got the pen if he was sent out by Capone. THAT may be why Lynch is yappin’ about “go to the streets and rip someone’s head off or KILL them if you have to” crap. Turning our heads from her shinny object. BREAKING THE LAW! Put her in jail anyway for intent. Shes advocating murder. Or better, put them both in jail. THEN they cant hurt Anyone.

    • Barbara, Of course Hillary said she had nothing “Top Secret” on her unsecured server. Lie #1 (well out of order)The fact is, she DID have “Top Secret” documents on her unsecured server. One lie is all it took to send Martha Stewart to prison for 4 months for insider trading. Her offense did not have anything to do with national security but she still spent time in prison. Hillary told NUMEROUS lies and got nothing. NOTHING!! This alone speaks volumes that our government is severely broken and teetering on lawlessness. I have no doubt that Obama had Trump wiretapped, either. Claims that Flynn was caught on a wiretap for a Russian diplomat phone call. That’s not illegal but… leaking such information IS A FELONY and illegal to leak for any reason. This was leaked solely to hurt the Trump Administration. We Americans are thought to be uneducated and stupid but we saw through Obama and Hillary and voted Trump in. It is no surprise that Obama and Lynch ran a “cup game” on America. What is surprising to me is that our security offices appear to be part of that game. If Hillary Clinton had a “get out of jail free card”, every American should get one as well that is under federal investigation. She, Hillary, puts her pants on the same way as I or you do. That may be a rough analogy but… The second biggest liar in this country, in my humble opinion, and she walks free? If the FBI is so broken, what about the rest of our security agencies? Are they equally broken and lawless? It appears so…

  2. If it was allowed by the court it would not be against the law! If it was not allowed by the court and they did it anyway, that is a Watergate type investigation ready to happen !!!

  3. Dr. Deplorable // March 7, 2017 at 8:54 am // Reply

    Wow! Dick Morris is spot-on!

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