Dick Morris – Bannon Vital To MAGA, Drain The Swamp, Future Of Trump Presidency

dick morris


Dick Morris opens with a comparison of Steve Bannon to Muhammad Ali’s motivational corner man Drew Bundini Brown, who kept Ali focused and remembering who and what he was. In that same way, says Morris, “Before Bannon got there Trump was a bundle of very good instincts but had very little idea about how to translate them into a political campaign or, after he got elected, into governmental policy.”

“But Bannon solved all that,” Morris says, “and really gave Trump and the administration direction and a purpose. Under his guidance and as a response to his pushing, fifty or sixty major executive orders issued, rolling back a panoply of Obama initiatives, in the environment, in consumer stuff, at the FTC, at the SEC, the IRS, the Obamacare law, all kinds of stuff, the Justice Department; very important initiatives that would not have happened if Bannon had not been in there pushing them.”

Morris points out, “You know the establishment hates Donald Trump and they’re afraid of him, and they want to make him back into George Bush, some mild-mannered, not very strong, compliant creature for the status quo.  And to do that they had to get rid of two people, Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon, Mike Flynn in foreign policy and Bannon in domestic policy.”

“Flynn was a take no prisoners different kind of a guy, who aggressively condemned radical Islam, went out there on a limb to talk about it, and was determined to be aggressive and strong and change the way the United States fought the war on terror. Bannon is kind of the conservative equivalent of Michael Moore. He’s got a blue collar approach to stuff, he kind of has the approach of this unemployed steel worker or unemployed car worker.”

Morris says, “He identifies with those folks and it was his program and his brilliance that focused on the high school educated unemployed single white male, or married white male…and caused this huge tidal wave of support to shift to Trump in the three weeks before election day, that enabled him to carry the northern industrial states.”

He believes “if they succeed, they being the establishment, in kicking Bannon out, this whole administration is going to be filled with Rex Tillersons and McMasters and Reince Priebuses, the Goldman Sachs types, the normal routine stuff you find in any Republican administration. And while Trump will have instincts that are very different from those, he’s going to have an almost impossible time getting them through the bureaucracy and out the door and translated into policy unless he has a key ally in the administration.”

He says, “The question of whether Bannon stays or goes, which is hanging fire at the moment, is really the question as to whether the Trump administration fades back and in effect becomes the Bush administration and becomes your sort of mainstream establishment Republican government. Or does it strike out in the same kind of bold, innovative directions that Donald Trump did during the campaign and has done thus far during his presidency.”


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  1. Deplorable Doctor // April 13, 2017 at 12:01 pm // Reply

    Dick Morris is a very wise and understanding man!

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