DHS Toughens Up Policies Across The Board In Carrying Out Executive Order

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The Department of Homeland Security released a question and answer format informational document related to their current activities and priorities for the future on Tuesday. It followed Monday’s memorandum by DHS Secretary John Kelly on directions for implementing President Trump’s border executive order.

The Q and A format provided some short, concise bits of information related to the implementation of the executive order, starting first with the subject of the construction of the border wall. It identified three areas in which the initial focus will be directed, as being locations where the exposure,  violations and potential benefits of a border wall are believed to be most substantial. Locations near El Paso, Tucson, and El Centro, CA were identified by DHS as high priorities for replacement of aging or otherwise inadequate wall or fence areas. They are also currently assessing other areas in which structures need to be built and the most practical types of structures.

The response by DHS to question #8 declared that “Under the executive order, ICE will not exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement. All of those in violation of immigration law may be subject to immigration arrest, detention and, if found removable by final order, removal from the United States.  ICE and CBP priorities are realigned consistent with those set forth in section 5 of Executive Order 13768.

They addressed the excuse that has been the foundation for legal challenges and the false pretext for illegal alien driver’s licenses, the claim of being forced to drive illegally by the system. The response to question #9 brushed aside the irrelevant, stating, ” All of those in violation of immigration law may be subject to immigration arrest, detention and, if found removable by final order, removal from the United States.” So much for that sanctuary Chevy.

They’re working on additional detention space and beds. ICE will be adding 10,000 agents, and another 5,000 for CBP an expense due largely, if not entirely as a result of the malfeasance of Hussein Obama and to a degree, George W. Bush.

They’ve discontinued the open borders, non-enforcement program of “catch and release” implemented by Obama and his predecessor at DHS, Jihadi Jeh Johnson. They’re also reinstating use of the 287 (g) program, teaming with those local law enforcement agencies that are truly American and interested in law enforcement and our sovereignty as a nation. Approved law enforcement agencies will once again be granted the authority to act as partners on behalf of the federal government as situations arise in the conduct of their routine duties. A review of the previous system and potential improvements for the new rollout is underway.

They will also be acting to clean up the abuse of both the asylum system and the unaccompanied minor methodology that have both been distorted from the legitimate avenues of restricted relief they were intended to be into superhighways for the circumvention of immigration law.

Included in the DHS actions against those sending their children alone in the company of smugglers will be the parents, who, if they are illegals themselves, will face criminal penalties as well and virtually certain deportation as being complicit in child trafficking.

It’s worth noting that those in the previous administration who created the incentive for the abuse also share some responsibility for the trafficking and its results. Maybe AG Sessions would be interested in looking into criminal charges for that aspect of the reforms as well.



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