DHS Still Continuing Obama Catch And Release – Surrender And Stay In USA Policy

border patrol catch and release

The word is getting out south of the border, catch and release is alive and well despite claims to the contrary. Crash our border, surrender and you’ll be released into an American neighborhood of your choosing. Pay no attention to the claims of tougher border enforcement, it’s a joke, played on the American people.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, one that escapes most patriots who believe in American sovereignty including most Trump supporters, rather than the promised end to catch and release and DACA, both are continuing as if we never had an election or as if Hillary Clinton had won.

A report in Breitbart on Wednesday described the situation at one area in the Texas Rio Grande Valley in which forty-five foreign nationals turned themselves in to Border Patrol agents in one day, on June 18th. It’s the largest group of illegals to do so since President Trump was elected, an indication that the much touted 17-year-low in illegal crossings of a couple months ago was  likely an aberration based upon a false perception. The illegals thought the border was being enforced. Now they’ve discovered that it isn’t and they’ve responded accordingly.

Many Border Patrol Agents have voiced their concern and even a feeling of betrayal that the illegal practice is continuing. It’s not an accident or miscommunication; it’s a policy decision. Many of Obama’s key facilitating deputies have remained, with one chief offender, Kevin McAleenan, unpopular with the rank and file for his zealous implementation of anti-American Obama policies, promoted to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner.

Breitbart Texas Director Brandon Darby said of the McAleenan promotion in an April interview, “Every single agent I have spoken with has been upset. They tell me ‘We feel betrayed by the Trump Administration. We don’t understand how the Trump Administration could pick this person to be our boss after what we did.’ …I find it to be very concerning … I have not spoken to one who does not feel hurt, betrayed, let down about this.”

Sunday’s mass surrender involved forty-two illegals who turned themselves into CBP Agents in the field and another three at the McAllen Border Patrol Station.  Border Patrol Agent and spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), Chris Cabrera told Breitbart Texas, “We have been warning the American public that catch and release has not ended and that simple rhetoric is not enough to secure the border. DHS is continuing the same Obama-era policies. People south of our border are realizing that they can still come and that a large number of them will simply be released into U.S. communities with a Notice to Appear form.”

He added, “If you want this problem fixed, you need to actually listen to the Border Patrol agents on the ground. Sadly, that is not happening right now.”

Many regular patriotic Americans are as mystified by this policy as the Border Patrol. It’s much easier and cheaper, in addition to being in compliance with our laws, to simply load them onto a bus headed back to the Mexican border and open the door. It would also be in keeping with the promises made during the campaign. Why are Obama policies that we fought so hard against still in place now that our President is in power? None of this makes any sense.


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4 Comments on DHS Still Continuing Obama Catch And Release – Surrender And Stay In USA Policy

  1. Thomas Oakley // June 23, 2017 at 6:33 am // Reply

    Well I do believe we know there is a problem with the uppers of the border patrol as their is a major problem with the head of homeland. These people, especially homeland have been keeping and doing what the obamsssss was doing…..not doing what trump wants (think he still wants a closed boarder) So is trump stupid or did he change or did he lie to us about this and other things or is he getting very bad advice and has he not learned his lesson when it comes to rinos, traitors, good old boys and carry overs from obamsssss. The people, including myself, are getting upset as to what he is allowing to go on.

  2. What if the chunky fish are part of a new form of FAKE news.

  3. From the looks of these chunky invaders, there’s no shortage of food in Mexico. Maybe immigration is in the wrong direction…

  4. if this report is TRUE?
    then the President needs to be made AWARE OF IT.
    and ASAP.

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