DHS Ordered Border Patrol To Negotiate With, Not Arrest, Illegals In Desert Camp

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The troubling inconsistencies in enforcement of President Trump’s stated policies continues, with Border Patrol agents complaining that Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is too willing to stick with the lenient policies of the previous, illegal Obama administration, rather than the no-nonsense enforcement of President Trump.

Border Patrol agents in an area of Arizona adjacent to the Mexican state of Sonora, one of the nation’s busiest sectors for illegal drug and human trafficking, were this week ordered not to enter into an assistance camp to arrest illegals that had been observed entering the United States and subsequently the camp. The agents were instructed to instead negotiate with the illegals, to attempt to persuade them to come out and give themselves up. Judicial Watch Reported:

“An agency Buckeye camera operated out of a mobile truck recorded the illegal crossers entering through Nogales, a town of around 20,000 adjacent to the Mexican state of Sonora. The video camera is used by the Border Patrol to monitor areas for illegal crossings and can be panned to follow crossers’ movements, sources told Judicial Watch.

Upon crossing the border, the group of illegal immigrants entered what the feds refer to as a “Samaritan camp,” according to a Border Patrol official who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly’s management team. The special camps are operated by an Arizona-based open borders advocacy group called No Más Muertes (No More Deaths) and consist of several trailers on private property. The nonprofit’s mission is to end death and suffering in the Mexico-U.S. borderlands and enact immigration reform in America. Besides the “Samaritan camps” along the Mexican border, the organization leaves water, food, blankets and other supplies along trails used by illegal immigrants to travel north. No Más Muertes also has staff in Mexico to provide phones for deportees and assistance, including first aid, for northbound migrants.

Although the organization’s sanctuary trailers are situated on the U.S. side of the border, federal agents are legally allowed to enter the property and remove the illegal crossers, law enforcement sources confirm. “If agents observe illegal conduct, apprehension does not require a warrant,” a federal law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the matter told Judicial Watch. In this case, probable cause had been established by the unlawful conduct observed by Border Patrol agents via the high-tech Buckeye camera. Instead of entering the property as legally allowed and removing the illegal aliens, agents were ordered to “negotiate” with the occupants,” Border Patrol officials said. Photos produced by the surveillance camera were also produced to Judicial Watch by outraged Border Patrol officials who say Obama-era, open borders policies are still being implemented by Kelly’s management team. “Instead of proactively patrolling a porous and volatile border, Border Patrol resources are being utilized on the perimeter of the property to thwart any further incursions into or retreats from the sanctuary camp,” according to a law enforcement source involved in the Nogales incident.

Veteran agents say, that although Trump promised to toughen up security along the porous and increasingly violent Mexican border, for unknown reasons his DHS secretary continues to implement Obama sanctuary policies. There is a great concern among rank-and-file agents that these passive, limited enforcement policies increase the risk to agents and decrease the deterrence of the Trump border strategy.”

Judicial Watch updated their story: Subsequent to Judicial Watch reporting this incident Border Patrol management felt compelled to serve a warrant on the “Samaritan camp,” which agents had been waiting for three days to obtain.

We get a lot of mixed messages out of DHS and other agencies within the administration that, to varying degrees, seem to be headed by individuals who believe that they don’t answer to the President. Kelly has his moments, including with the continuing of DACA despite a campaign pledge that it would be eliminated on day one. It’s unclear at times where his priorities and to a lessor degree perhaps, his loyalties lie. This is the Trump administration, Mr. Secretary, not the Kelly or Obama regime.

Source: Judicial Watch

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4 Comments on DHS Ordered Border Patrol To Negotiate With, Not Arrest, Illegals In Desert Camp

  1. If Kelly needs a time out to grow a set of balls, he needs to go, period! Get someone in there that can make decisions and stop this namby pamby BS! If they turn around when they see border patrol, great! If the illegals proceed after seeing the Border Patrol, 1 year in prison for the first offense. 3 to 5 for the second offense! Grow a set, Kelly!

  2. “Kelly has his moments, including with the continuing of DACA despite a campaign pledge that it would be eliminated on day one. ”

    You can blame that on Trump. He’s the one who can end DACA but chooses not to. Kelly is following Trump’s directions on this issue and others in regards to immigration.

  3. TONYA PARNELL // June 17, 2017 at 3:11 pm // Reply


  4. Thomas Oakley // June 17, 2017 at 2:19 pm // Reply

    Thought trump was a smart man. Seems like I might be wrong when stuff like this comes out. dhs is not the only fed agency that its leadership does not follow trumps orders, yet trump seems to either be getting bad info from these people, and others in his administration or is just plain dump or third the fact that now he is president does not give a dam. Not as bad as the obamsssssss or hill da beast would have been, but not the man we voted for.

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