The Nat’l Guard is headed to the border in a coordinated effort with the four governors of those border states. They’ll be in a support role, a hands off – look, be seen, don’t touch…

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Making the point that border security is homeland security, which is national security, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen spoke to White House reporters about the plans to position national guard troops at the southern border with Mexico.

Unfortunately, Nielsen’s response to a question she was asked on the rules of engagement indicates it will likely be a toothless repeat of previous efforts, a partially substantive, partially show deployment. The National Guard Troops will perform sentry duty, oil changes, bake the birthday cakes for the illegal children, and treat their scabies, with an undetermined number of Border Patrol Agents then freed up to do the job they were hired to do, border protection.  [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Nielsen says the troops will be engaged in aerial surveillance and “support functions” like those conducted when Bush sent the guard to the border, while he was still in the globalist closet. What’s the optimum height for the hanging of a piñata?

It’s definitely better than nothing, but not the line of defense most of us envision when we hear that the military is going to the border. The details haven’t yet been worked out, but rifles are pretty useless once our adversaries discover they’re not loaded. She told Fox’s John Roberts that the situation of Operation Jumpstart where the National Guard was not permitted to lay a hand on the illegals would likely be repeated, “as of now.”

We can be sure that if the conditions are that the troops be incapable of a lethal or serious response, the Democrat governors of California and New Mexico will quickly make that information available to their smuggler and human trafficker allies.

Nielsen says she hopes the deployment will begin immediately but admits much of the timing is dependent upon talks with the four border state governors and upon the needs of Customs and Border Protection. She assures a strong response, that the size of the force “will be as many as are needed to fill the gaps that we have today.” Clearly President Trump wants to do as much as the restrictive situation he finds himself in will allow.

ABC’s leftist troll Jonathan Karl asks if President Trump has the authority to use money appropriated for the military to build a border wall. Nielsen says that there is land on the border that is owned by the Defense Department in areas where there is ongoing illicit activity and that military installations, including walls could be constructed there. “Other than that I can’t speak to the legality of the question,” so there’s still hope.

The CNN replacement for Jim Acosta asks what the urgency is. His job isn’t going to be taken over by an illegal so he’s clueless and really couldn’t care less personally. Congress is out of town, and he implies that there’s something fishy about the timing. Nielsen points out that the numbers continue to increase and that April is traditionally a month of increased activity.

She notes that President Trump is serious about defending the nation and he had been giving Congress the opportunity to be serious as well. That didn’t happen so, he’s acting now. There’s no time like the present and while it isn’t what we and the President had hoped for, he’s doing what he can, given the “stuck in the muck” nature of the DC Swamp.

If Congress doesn’t give him what he needs before the midterms, maybe we’ll have some new America-first faces in those seats come January of 2019. America’s watching, boys and girls.

The question and answer portion begins at the 13:00 point of the video.

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