DHS May Turn Over Jihadi Jeh Johnson’s “Clinton-Style” Secret Emails With Saudis, Kuwaitis

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Jihadi Jeh Johnson may have hoped he had buried the evidence deep enough to where it would never be found, and if Hillary Clinton had won the election, he would have surely been correct. But she didn’t, John Kelly’s in charge at DHS and Jihadi Jeh may be in for a little accountability. This is, after all, the “law and order” Department of Homeland Security now, the opposite of the crime syndicate Johnson oversaw. 

Johnson engaged in a personal war, his and Obama’s jihad against border enforcement, immigration laws and the national security of the United States, helping to enable the invasion from around the globe by characters of every description. It’s understandable why he would circumvent public records laws and the Freedom of Information Act. 

Joining Johnson in his evasive efforts were Cuban born DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Johnson’s Chief of Staff Christian Marrone and former General Counsel Steven Bunnell. The four of them and others “pulled a Clinton,” choosing to hide behind a personal email for conducting “government” business.

Judicial Watch was originally denied the records they seek by the aforementioned Secretary Johnson in December of 2015. A hearing is scheduled for Monday, May 1st in response to a May 23rd, 2016 FOIA lawsuit that has gone nowhere. Now, with what is expected to be a more cooperative Trump DHS under Kelly, those records may now be a bit easier to locate. 

Judicial Watch doesn’t usually accept “No, that’s part of our cover up” or “we’re too busy,” or “it’s too much work to find them” as an answer. They filed their suit last May after Johnson’s initial thumbing of his upturned nose at the watchdog and FOIA law, suing for copies of those private emails. The initial DHS response to a December 29th, 2015 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was returned empty, with no records produced.

Judicial Watch said in a statement, “The agency claims the emails are essentially inaccessible and it is too troublesome to recover them.” No indication is made as to whether that claim was made under the current leadership or the prior one. They noted, “Judicial Watch previously obtained and made public 215 pages of documents containing official emails sent through the private, unsecured email accounts of Johnson, former DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, former Chief of Staff Christian Marrone, and former General Counsel Steven Bunnell.”

According to the Judicial Watch statement, the emails discussed, “high-level meetings” planned between the Kuwaiti ambassador and Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry officials, “as well as a West African $4.5 million online consumer fraud scam using Johnson’s name.” Why would discussions between wealthy Islamic leaders and Jihadi Jeh be conducted “off the record?”

DHS has very explicit guidelines for what emails can be destroyed, what must be maintained for a period of 90 days to 1 year, and what must be retained permanently and transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration for safekeeping. A federal judge previously ordered DHS to preserve the records Judicial Watch is seeking after they argued that there was “no assurance” the DHS officials would retain their emails, particularly since they appear to have been “unauthorized.”

The statement added, “Judicial Watch previously uncovered documents revealing that Secretary Jeh Johnson and 28 other agency officials used government computers to access personal web-based email accounts despite an agency-wide ban due to heightened security concerns.” Those documents showed that DHS officials lied to Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) when he asked if personal accounts were used for government business.

What were they trying to hide that would prompt them to lie and how likely is it that 28 individuals decided arbitrarily, on their own, at the same time, to countermand an important government policy. They were clearly “switching to another channel” to keep their communications private. Just what Johnson and his comrades were so desperate to keep hidden?


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  1. I want to see all 28 of them fried like Crisp Bacon; and most particularly the arrogant POS Jihadi Jeh Johnson !

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