DHS Gave Airport Tours Too Secret To Be Released To Americans To Somalis

jeh johnson somali


It was reckless, unfathomable and illogical for any reason other than a desire to aid and abet terrorists by showing them the inner workings of our airports and their security systems. There is no group more dangerous for their terrorist activities than Somalis, so naturally, that’s who the jihadist running DHS, Jeh Johnson, decided was best-suited to receive the inside scoop.

Of course they didn’t label the terrorist assistance sessions what they really were, that could get them in hot water. DHS put a nice-sounding “inclusive” name on terrorist guided tours, calling their gatherings “community engagement tours.” The fact that the community was Somalis and the potential engagement was bringing down airliners was not a concern at DHS. They’re all about Muslim promotion and normalization, taking this chance with the lives of innocent Americans proved their commitment to their agenda. Even after having been provided with what they need to bring down airliners they didn’t strike us. They must be reformed. Or maybe they’re still plotting.

It seems outrageously irresponsible to provide individuals affiliated with a foreign terrorist hotspot with information that is too sensitive to be released to the general public, but that was the case. 14 sections of the 31 pages received by Judicial Watch were redacted. The tours took place in at least three airports in the last year, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Columbus, OH.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued a news release, stating, “Logically, information that is too sensitive to provide to Judicial Watch and the public should not have been given to a ‘community engagement tour.'” He noted “The U.S. government has been aware for years that Minnesota is a hotbed of Somali terrorist-cell activity. The behind-the-scenes tours and security briefings of the Minneapolis airport very well could have created a threat to public safety.”

Among the topics of discussion were the airports’ global entry system, automated passport control system, secondary screening procedures and baggage-screening procedures. Employment and vacancy information was also provided. There is not a better way for a terrorist to gain critical access to secured locations than as an employee so it was a natural part of the tours.

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