Despicable Schumer Ignored Secrets On Clinton Server, Blasts Trump For Sharing Intelligence

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Senator Chuck Schumer oozes hypocrisy and reeks of sleaze as he steps to the podium of the Senate and embarks on another lie-based, innuendo-laden political attack on President Trump. Schumer, the swamp snake, quotes a leak from the Washington Post which states that classified information was shared by President Trump with the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador regarding the terrorist threat from ISIS, the group that Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton created.

Schumer seizes on the opportunity to attack not only President Trump, but Russia as well, highlighting every negative aspect of their conduct that he can. He included a reference to the still unproven hacking hoax as being a fact, and failing to note that they are fighting the same Democrat-created terrorist organization and could be considered an ally in that effort.

Sleazy Schumer says, “If this report is true, it would mean that the President has badly damaged our national security, nothing less, and in several ways.” He claims that as a result information from this or other allies could be withheld in the future and that makes us less safe.” Really scumbag? How about all of the information that was on the open book illegal server at the Clinton home, which was transferred to the Abedin home and God only knows to what foreign nations as well? Are you not concerned about that making us less safe? Why have the only words out of your vile hole not been to condemn her actions but to shield them? We know why – you are a Democrat, a liar, anti-American and a hypocrite.

Why aren’t you concerned with the flood of unvetted terrorists from foreign nations under the guise of refugees and across our largely open southern border and fighting the President at every turn as he attempts to protect us? Never mind, same answer.

As Schumer Facilitates The Mass Importation of Foreign Terrorists He Has The Gall To Allege This? 

He expresses faux concern over the damaged relationship that could result from this between the White House and the intelligence community that is spying on him and attempting to remove him from power. How is that going to be made worse, snake? Treason on the part of America’s spies against the Commander-in-Chief is about as low as it can get and calls not for appeasement but the punishment of the deep state perpetrators.

It took every ounce of gastric control for thousands of Americans not to, in succession, vomit into their laps as Up-Chuck Schumer, at the 3:00 minute mark, puts his hands to his chest as if holding the nation and it’s intelligence community dear. He truly is despicable. Satan must be very pleased to have him for such a loyal servant.

He ignores the fact that the Russians provided us with information regarding the Tsarnaev brothers prior to their terrorist attack, information that the Obama regime chose not to act upon, just as they did in most real threat situations. Their crack national security strategy instead involved relying upon local police forces and “see something say something.”

Schumer calls on the White House to make a transcript of those conversations available to the Congressional Intelligence committees as soon as possible, in order to get more ammunition for false accusations and leaks. He states that this should be done “if the President has nothing to hide.”

The “unholier-than-thou” Senator from New York shakes his head condescendingly as he says, “the truth, as it were, sits atop shifting sands in this administration.” He finishes by addressing President Trump individually, saying, “Mr. President, there’s a crisis of credibility in this administration, which will hurt us in ways almost too numerous to elaborate.” He can’t elaborate and he doesn’t want to elaborate. Schumer’s perfectly happy making generalized accusations which he fills in with specifics as opportunities present themselves.

The lead cur dog attacking and seeking to tear down the administration and force the President from office has the gall to claim, “At the top of the list are an erosion of trust in the presidency and trust in America by our friends and allies.” Is he patting himself on the back? How could there be an erosion from the lows of the Obama / Clinton crime and corruption enterprise?

Mr. President – We Deplorables, the American people, Urge You – Indict Hillary Clinton and Put The Focus Where It Belongs. Failure to do so plays right into these vermin’s hands.

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7 Comments on Despicable Schumer Ignored Secrets On Clinton Server, Blasts Trump For Sharing Intelligence

  1. HowardMacKinnon // May 18, 2017 at 5:13 am // Reply

    What I want to know is WHO leaked this info to the WP?
    DJT & Sessions need to toughen up & start filing charges against all these corrupt politicians. That is the only way we are going to have peace again. Start with the heads of the opposition.

  2. Bruce McKay // May 18, 2017 at 12:10 am // Reply

    1) Where is his moral outrage over WaPo and NYT plastering all over their papers information they believed was classified?

    2) Since the supposed “intelligence” that was discussed pertained to ISIS wanting to use laptops to attack airliners, where was his moral outrage when this information was widely disseminated by a number of major news organizations back in March?

    3) Was he equally offended on behalf of the Russian people when Russia revealed its own intelligence apparatus by trying to warn us about the Tsarnaev brothers BEFORE the Boston bombings.

    4) (Last for now, but hardly least) Has he ever considered getting a pair of glasses frames that actually *fit* instead of slipping down his nose all the time, making him appear like he’s going for the fake, arrogant and superior, intellectual look? (Or is that just the point?)

  3. Eleanor Fay Mills // May 17, 2017 at 7:45 pm // Reply

    Schumer why ask the President for a transcript? Ask you buds at WaPo as I am more than sure they can make up one to make you happy! LOL WOW time to get these idiots out of their chushy high paying positions and get some REAL PEOPLE who are AMERICANS in to get our country moving towards making us a GREAT COUNTRY AGAIN! These Dems are so stuck in their mushy swamp they are molding and stinking and hard to tell them apart from a septic tank!

  4. Freddie Arthur Hisle // May 17, 2017 at 6:14 pm // Reply

    The only thing about the Jew of connivance POS schmuck that surprises me is that he has not converted to isslame.

  5. up-Chuck is one of the worst of the hypocrite Dems who leans with whichever way the wind blows. The man has never had a real job in his adult life and has never passed a bill during his years of sucking at the public teat. He’s a poster boy as to why we need term limits.

  6. Wanda Colvin // May 17, 2017 at 12:50 pm // Reply

    I wish that Schumer had complained as much when obama was President. The Congress just let him do whatever he wanted and didn’t even try to get rid of him. We now have a President who works hard to make things work when everything is a mess that he inhereted. But all the Democrats can do is jump on every fake news story just to stir things up. I hope that if someone drops a a bomb on us it is in the middle of Congress. It might wake them up. The republicans in congress had better back President Trump. I am tired of all the crap that is floating around Washington. Everyone wants to know who said what.Trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  7. Schumer, does the president have to power to share information as he did? The answer is yes. For some reason you decided to omit this vital information. Why is it you always choose to tell half truths? President Trump may have damaged our national security? This information was shared with the second biggest power because America shares a common goal with Russia. That common goal would be the eradication of ISIS, which Hussein and Clinton created. You knew that , though. Then you stated, “If this report is, indeed, true…” If you don’t know it to be true, why would you share this with anyone? Even though you know he was able to share this information with the country who is equally interested with ending the ISIS terror in the Middle East. Vital information close to the vest, huh? You didn’t say ANYTHING about Hillary Clinton keeping vital information ,TOP SECRET information that WAS hacked and OUR national security was, indeed, jeopardized! Where was your concern on this topic, Schumi? Then you speak of damaging relationships with allies. Where was your concerns when Hussein did nothing in Syria. Yes, Hussein made a line in the sand to Russia. When Russia stepped over that line, though, Hussein Obama nearly crapped himself! Keeping America safe? How did the Democrats, especially Hussein, keep America safe? Opening our southern border was not a “safe” thing to do! Bringing in Syrian “refugees” was not safe, either. Especiall when these Syrian “refugees” were brought in in the dark of night, unvetted, sick and handed passports, given Social Security and 1750.00 American dollars per family member for 5 years, wasn’t it??!! You are the epitome of what the phrase “Swamp Rat” derives from. You tell half truths, blatant lies and throw mud at whomever you please. You ran to that press conference to spread your BS while the ink was still wet thinking you really had something! This is proof that this swamp needs drained and the sooner the better!

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