Despicable Roach Rep Gutierrez Calls President Trump A Con Artist

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David Urban is a former Trump campaign strategist and one of those proven loyal professionals that are being welcomed back into the Trump inner circle. He takes on the fake news propagandists and Rep Luis, the Roach” Gutierrez (D-IL) on the topic of the latest variety of Democrat swamp gas that is filling DC, the Comey attack on President Trump.

As part of the CNN Fake News portion of the assault, Brianna Keilar offers comments by RINOs Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), who made the weak, guaranteed losing argument that President Trump should be excused from responsibility for his actions because he’s new to politics. That is the kind of claim a Democrat would make and be granted, but not a Republican and certainly not the anti-establishment boogeyman of Donald Trump.

Keiler says, “So this is the argument, David, President Trump didn’t know any different, he’s new to this. Does that fly?” Urban attempts to point out that she’s spewing Fake News disinformation, saying, “That’s not the argument, that was one explanation from one person.” She then brings in RINO Collins, saying you have Republicans, more than one who are saying this.” Okay, that makes it a minority position of two people, not “the argument,” an illustration of the distortion that helped earn CNN its recognition as the leader in Fake News.

Urban switches the topic to the Comey lie in which he stated that he was so uncomfortable and felt so awkward with what the President supposedly did, and he thought it was inappropriate nine times, asking why he didn’t  address it with the President, telling him “this is an inappropriate conversation we can’t have.” Urban says, “Instead he scampers outside to his SUV, scribbled down on a moleskin some private notes to keep later, in case of emergency break glass, and then leak those to a Columbia professor once he lost his job.”

The Roach jumps in and actually supports Urban’s position initially in laying his own foundation, saying, “The President’s not some kid in some internship as President of the United States that doesn’t know what he’s doing. He sold himself as ‘I know how to get this job done’ to the American people. He knew exactly what he was doing.” Gutierrez then attempts to impart guilt to act of asking other people to leave the room.

There’s probably quite a few people who have asked Gutierrez to leave the room for no other reason than the nausea that comes with exposure to him. That doesn’t make them guilty of anything other than having the bad judgment to have included him in the first place.

Urban mocks the idiocy of the comments by the Roach, asking him, “Do you know the mens rea, Congressman, were you there?” Gutierrez replies, “No, but I know a con artist when I see one and I saw a con artist that day.” He sees one every day that he shaves or combs his hair.

As Urban gets the better of the exchange, asking Gutierrez if he’s never asked someone to leave the room or stay in the room as others were leaving, the Roach refuses to answer. He argues instead that he didn’t come on the program to answer Urban’s questions, effectively admitting he can’t answer them.

Keilar may be the substitute but she knows when it’s time to rescue their vermin Congressman comrade, jumping in and saying, “I don’t know that’s apples to apples.” At least her Democrat road apple was protected.

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2 Comments on Despicable Roach Rep Gutierrez Calls President Trump A Con Artist

  1. Gutless, the only con artist is YOU! Comey is a liar! He had Martha Stewart sent to prison for lying one time, for 18 months, for insider trading! Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI 39 times, that’s on the conservative side, and the topic was concerning national security! Who should have gotten more prison time?? Deflection, lies and collusion on Comey’s part with Lynch and Clinton are present but nobody is kicking butt there, are they? There are many turn=coats on the Republican side and even more on the Democratic side. Trump is not a true politician. He has his own way to get things done. If it does not suit you other politicians you deem it as unfit! To hell with you all! After 8 long years of “do nothing” politics, what’s wrong now? Are you pissed you actually have to work or your “buddies” are going to be under investigation for the crap that went down for 8 years? It’s this simple… work with Trump as he is working for Americans. Work for the Americans that voted your asses into office! Most of you “elected officials” are acting like Hussein Obama… like a bunch of spoiled little pussies, in my opinion!

  2. Alton Robinson // June 12, 2017 at 7:25 pm // Reply

    A look at this fool and some of the other liberals and you see what you will get when you allow illegals to vote.

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