Despicable Rep Scummings Accuses Flynn Of Working With Russians Against America

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Congressman Elijah Cummings proves that some Maryland fecal matter is not only capable of speech, but it can lie and grandstand as it does so. He begins with some typical bad dramatics, asking everybody in the room if they hear that, the last blessed silence that will be available to them for the next six minutes plus.

He describes it as the sound of Republicans looking into non-existent wrong doings. Not those of the Congressman himself, who personally intervened on behalf of the corrupt IRS officials, Lois Lerner and others, against Catherine Engelbrecht and her True the Vote operation. That real abuse of power was ignored just was Lerner’s, Koskinen’s and Eric Holder’s.

He’s asking about the sound of them not investigating where no crime took place, in the case of General Michael Flynn and over President Trump. He takes shots at Chairman Chaffetz for not requesting any documents, possibly in preparation for the upcoming Clinton Foundation investigations, a time in which the corrupt Marxist Democrats will attempt to draw some sort of moral equivalence.

Let’s be clear, Rep Scummings, there was no violation of the law, the Logan Act has never been enforced and General Flynn was conducting the same type of transition activities as any other national security adviser might be expected to do. He also wasn’t lying about a video, and nobody was killed.

Scummings calls into question a trip that was common knowledge that General Flynn took to Russia in which he dined with President Putin in a celebration of their RT Network. Cummings read a description of RT purportedly from our intelligence officials, that RT is “the Kremlin’s principle propaganda outlet.” So it’s their version of CNN or MSNBC. The dishonest Congressman says, “Flynn now admits that he got paid for that trip,” which is another of the many tricks the talking fecal matter performs, the portrayal of what may have been a simple commemorative coffee mug as compensation.

He goes on to say that Flynn was “secretly communicating with Russian officials at the same time Russia was attacking our democracy.” This lame brain probably has heard the word “republic” before, but it’s likely a concept that is beyond his capability for understanding and using the word democracy reinforces the socialist underpinning of his Marxist Fascist Party. It’s okay for him to appear ignorant, his voters will never know the difference.

The whole Russia did it line of attack has been discredited as an Obama / Clinton ploy for excusing her sloppy and recklessness with secrets and records of every kind, particularly our most sensitive. It’s still just another Democrat lie.

E-LIE-Jeh Cummings impugns the integrity of General Flynn, saying, “we have no idea why he was trying desperately to help Russia.” For those listening and keeping score, the detestable Democrat has yet to use the word General in front of General Flynn’s name, giving him the respect he is due and has earned. BLM protesters are given respect by this piece of trash, a radical agitator Muslim from the DNC is given respect, even profiteering criminal spies who are former secretaries of state are called by their title. But not General Flynn, not on this day.

He goes into the Nixonian “what did the President know and when did he know it,” and promising to be a real pain in the neck of everybody as he and his anti-American comrades make the most of the opportunity they have engineered.

He’s calling for a public hearing to get to the bottom of this. Let’s do better than that. Let’s investigate the source of the leaks and the Obama loyalist who are committing treason in providing this corrupt subversive and their comrades with their ammunition. They are the traitors, not General Michael Flynn.

POS Cummings says the corrupt Marxists are in a fight for the soul of “our democracy,” and that the question is whether “we will clearly understand that this is our watch.” No you moron, it’s not your watch, your criminal candidate lost. If you were capable of clearly understanding anything, that might have already penetrated that thick, Cro-Magnon skull of yours.

This despicable individual is got good enough to empty General Flynn’s bedpan and were he not so insignificant and so clearly an enemy agent himself, he should be forced to apologize.

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9 Comments on Despicable Rep Scummings Accuses Flynn Of Working With Russians Against America

  1. It seems to me that the more the leftist liberals complain and recommend, suggest or demand; investigations, that maybe they should be investigated too?!

  2. Dr. Deplorable // February 16, 2017 at 1:14 am // Reply

    Elijah Cummings is the kind of Dung Abe Lincoln was addressing when Abe said that a certain Population needed to be sent to Libaria, Africa!

  3. Do the people who continually re elect this trash have any logical thoughts ? I very much doubt it. E-LIE jeh c…. brilliant.

  4. This is rich! The Democrat party has become the Communist Party. That’s how I shall refer to them forthwith.

  5. Worse than that, we might have to use the plunger.

  6. TONYA PARNELL // February 15, 2017 at 4:15 pm // Reply


  7. The fecal matter is embedded throughout the government. Is draining going to be enough to dispose of it? Sounds like heavy excavation equipment will be necessary to get rid of it all.

  8. This ugly piece of fecal matter needs to be burried deep before it ruins the air and waterways.

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