Most Despicable Ingrate Ever – Lavar Ball Defends Rude Lack of Gratitude to Trump

Lavar Ball still refuses to acknowledge the fact that President Trump helped his son and two others get out of a Chinese jail. He rudely dismisses how lucky they…

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As someone who values my time on this planet too much to waste it on meaningless activities, I rarely just sit and watch television and when I do it is never anything resembling the abject idiocy of “reality TV. Exchanging time in my own life to observe “manufactured realism” in someone else’s offers no attraction or interest.

It is for this reason and others that I had never heard the name LaVar Ball prior to the three UCLA basketball players being arrested and charged with shoplifting in China. Everything he’s done since that time, from his initial comments to his refusal to thank President Trump to his comments after President Trump tweeted on his lack of gratitude showcases what a piece of trash he is. Put simply, the less of Lavar the better.

President Trump joked that he should have left the players in Chinese custody, but what the comments of the father indicate unequivocally is that the kids will be doing great if they don’t all end up in prison with despicable clowns like this posing as fathers. He literally defies description.

Ball is an even less considerate conversationalist than Chris Cuomo, which is a rarity. Cuome, for once, has to fight to get a word in edgewise over the endless comments and lip movements of Ball.   [VIDEO BELOW]

For whatever reasons, Ball finds it impossible to thank President Trump and his failure to come up with even a moderately believable basis doesn’t really matter. He’s selling his products to anti-Trump thugs so it’s probably a business decision to enhance his brand as the guy who stood up to the President by not thanking him for saving his son. The kneeling and disrespecting thug athletes will see him as a hero and that will be great for business. 

They represent the degradation of America, the “F” Donald Trump hip hop cool jerks who haven’t the decency to acknowledge that what was done for his son and the other two players was a huge favor.

President Trump was wrong when he joked about leaving the kids over there to face prison. They’ve been through enough with thugs like ass-clown LaVar as their adult role models. Instead President Trump should have negotiated a trade, the three players for LaVar Ball, and we would have seen just how much this piece of trash cares about his boy. He’d have never shown up for the exchange.

Had it gone through though, it would have had the added benefit to America of removing his gaping self-aggrandizement hole from the public airwaves and sphere. There’ll likely be another situation in the future where his arrogance will come back to haunt him. That’s the kind of reality that will make briefly switching on the TV time well-spent and provide content that is extremely entertaining.


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9 Comments on Most Despicable Ingrate Ever – Lavar Ball Defends Rude Lack of Gratitude to Trump

  1. Cuomo, what a Jack-Hole personified—-Like father like son—-both incompetent degenerates !

  2. Don’t have to be regretful nor sorry for my comment: Cuomo is a total and wasted example of what could be considered a verifiable human being—-merely a child in his rantings—-Like Father, like Son ! Two wanna-b something they are not, and never will be !

  3. Cuomo and Ball look like identical twins; at least low IQ wanna-be’s with their non-sensical lip blathering !–Cuomo’s Pappy must be either proud of his progeny or disgusted with what he begot ! I certainly would be; the later for me.

  4. Hadenoughalready // November 22, 2017 at 10:17 am // Reply

    What an arrogant piece of shit! I wonder if his son is equally disgusted with his father as most normal folks are. He’s a Maxine Waters without the wig; a fine example of the typical left.

  5. Seems to me Lavar Ball sired and raised a stupid, spoiled, thieving, idiot child who should never again be allowed outside the country. But then, he didn’t fall far from the stupid daddy tree, did he? Trump should call Xi Jinping and tell him he’s changed his mind and is sending this one back.

  6. In their vernacular, this guy is a jive turkey, representing his “class” well.

  7. Fred A. Hisle // November 22, 2017 at 9:52 am // Reply

    Two fagetts made for each other; when is the wedding?sAdts

  8. Kelleigh+Nelson // November 22, 2017 at 9:45 am // Reply

    Definitely should have left the moronic thug in China, forever, and ever.


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