DeSantis -Sessions Get Comey, Trump Purge Obama Holdovers, He’ll Get Ben Rhodes

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Finally someone in government is standing up and saying what the American people have been waiting for, wondering how we ended up with a Congress of mutes. Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL), is calling for the DOJ to initiate a formal investigation of James Comey and his leaking of classified documents.

DeSantis is the chairman of the House National Security Subcommittee. He also calls upon the Trump administration to do something else we regular folks have been clamoring for – purge all of the Obama holdovers from the government.

DeSantis attributes many of the endless stream of leaks to those disloyal, anti-American Obama holdovers, whose objectives are to harm the President and our nation. He names one former Obama insider, Ben Rhodes in particular.

Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications, is, according to DeSantis, a primary source of the leaks. He’s urging the House Intelligence Committee to call Rhodes and other former Obama officials to publicly testify about their role in spreading classified information to reporters.

Comey’s confession in Senate testimony that he leaked classified documents is a no-brainer as far as an investigation goes for DeSantis. He told the Free Beacon, “Congress needs to press Sessions and other people to make sure they are investigating this because the American people need the truth.”

DeSantis continued, “If he did violate any laws, he needs to be held accountable. If you’re violating laws in service of doing political warfare, that is just absolutely unacceptable, particularly for someone who held such a high position in the government.”

He denounced Comey’s admission that he “leaked in order to trigger a special counsel, which in some ways is pretty extraordinary. Not only is he leaking this stuff, not only were the memos done in the course of his employment and likely government property, he may have disclosed classified information in this quest to basically wage a vendetta against the president because the president fired him and to try and create a special counsel.”

DeSantis – Comey is really a Creature of the Swamp

“This guy is really a creature of the swamp.” said DeSantis. “He maneuvers around D.C. in ways that are very similar to how D.C. insiders operate. He’s one of the best in those regards.” DeSantis and others in Congress are currently seeking copies of Comey’s complete memos in order to determine whether and what classified information was leaked to the press.

He added, “Comey has made a concerted effort to not disclose these memos, I think Congress obviously has a right to get them.” He’s pushing his colleagues on the House Oversight Committee to subpoena the memos.

DeSantis told the Free Beacon, “This is not just standard Washington fair. It’s happening on such a scale with this president that it’s much different. Really, it has a whiff of people inside the bureaucracy who do not accept the election results, so they’re rebelling against the elected president by leaking and doing things to damage him politically.’

He said, “It’s unprecedented, certainly in modern American history. The way you stop the leaks is if people are leaking info that is classified, and that’s a crime, DOJ has got to pursue that.” He warned of the impact this may have on special intelligence gathering authority granted by Congress.

DeSantis said, “If the bureaucracy is going to weaponize this stuff, I think Congress is going to be much less willing to give them the authority to do this. It is a big deal, and if no one is held accountable it’s going to continue to happen.”

“Any Obama holdover at any of these agencies, you’ve got to get them out of there”

He also echoed the frustration and bewilderment that the Trump administration has not purged the traitors from their ranks. “Any Obama holdover at any of these agencies, you’ve got to get them out of there because clearly they’re not on the same team and particularly on the [White House] National Security Council.”

DeSantis called for former senior Obama officials who have been tied to the leaks being brought before Congress and questioned. “I think Congress and some members on the Intelligence Committee can call Ben Rhodes to testify. He may be able to invoke executive privilege from when Obama was president, but he definitely can’t do that in any interactions he’s had since then.”

DeSantis identified Rhodes and other senior Obama officials as being “involved with feeding journalists some of these [leaks]. I believe he’s in touch with people on the National Security Council. It would be absolutely legitimate as part of leak investigation to bring him in and put him under oath, and I would absolutely support doing that.”

Finally, some action, a glint of leadership is emerging from the cesspool of stagnant sludge that is the US Congress. Those participating in these coordinated attacks as well as those orchestrating them need to go to prison.


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6 Comments on DeSantis -Sessions Get Comey, Trump Purge Obama Holdovers, He’ll Get Ben Rhodes

  1. Deplorable Doctor // July 12, 2017 at 9:54 am // Reply

    DeSantis of FL is a Wise man with Backbone!

  2. Too many “holdovers” == and not just Dems — get the Republican members that are standing against the President and the American people! We, the Americans that ‘stood ‘ for Trump expect this to be done and asap ..and that’s not soon enough …and that’s not all…..something should be done to handle these ‘masked’ crooks in the streets …Anyone found in the street with a mask is a CROOK!!!!! SO ARREST THEM …. MAKE THEM STAND UP FOR WHO THEY ARE ….we know Soros and Obama are behind their movement ..what are we waiting for ???? for them to take over the country ????????????????????

  3. DeSantis should have been Trump’s VP running mate. Much more would’ve happened by now and the level of the swamp muck would be much lower. The place wouldn’t stink nearly as bad as it does currently.

  4. Well its about time…but we shall see what happens..maybe its all talk…no action?

  5. TONYA PARNELL // July 12, 2017 at 5:25 am // Reply


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