Rep DeSantis agrees that Intel Chairman Devin Nunes must pursue contempt of Congress against deep state AG Jeff Sessions. He’s shown only contempt for America…

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Rep Ron DeSantis agrees with Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes that it is time for House Republicans to hold the obstructionist AG Jeff Sessions in contempt for his continued stonewalling in order to protect the guilty of his own departments, DOJ and FBI, as well as the State Department, some Intelligence employees and much of the Obama regime.

DeSantis says Sessions and his DOJ and FBI “have shown nothing but contempt for us in our oversight prerogatives, which really is getting the American people the truth, as we’re elected by the people. So if they’re going to show us this level of contempt, we should hold them in contempt. And  unless you’re willing to attach a sanction to non-compliance, you will continue to play this song and dance over and over again.”   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

He says, “I think Chairman Nunes is exactly right. He’s really one of the few chairman [hear that Trey Gowdy, Bob Goodlatte, Chuck Grassley, Richard Burr?] who are actually putting his foot down and saying this is enough. So let’s set that contempt hearing. And here’s the thing, Lou, if you do that and show you’re willing to do it,  I think they end up producing the documents, because he wouldn’t want to go through that.”

“But if they think Congress is never going to put its foot down,” says DeSantis, “then they’re going to keep doing what they’re doing. Bureaucracies protect themselves and that’s what they’re doing here.” He points out that the claims of the DOJ and their Democrat comrades that the world would end when the Nunes memo was released due to national security exposures were completely fabricated.

DeSantis notes that the DOJ and FBI were exposed with its release as well as the new version that doesn’t have the same redactions as being concerned solely with their misconduct being seen, not national security.

Dobbs says, “And I think it is important, amongst all of the chairmen, to give Devin Nunes the credit that is his due and the Intelligence Committee credit. I mean, compare him to any other chairman, any other member of leadership of the Republican Congress and he stands head and shoulders above them in his integrity, in his energy, in his intellect and his perseverance in pursuing the truth behind this wall of, frankly, misinformation and disinformation emanating from both the FBI and the Justice Department.”

DeSantis points out that Nunes has been right most of the time on his determinations, contrasting that with others [Gowdy and same usual suspects] who said, ‘Oh, you know Mueller’s got an important job to do, let him do his work, we’re not going to question him that he stocked his team with Democrats and all of this.’ And I think Devin’s like, ‘Look, there’s something not smelling right about this thing’ from the very beginning and the more digging that’s been done the more the wrongdoing has been exposed.”

After raising the rebuke by Judge Ellis of Mueller and the exposure of the fact that he indicted Russians that he was in no way ready to prosecute when they called his bluff and sought discovery, and the secret nature of the scope of the witch hunt, DeSantis describes the whole charade as being botched from the start.

Dobbs asks why, against that backdrop, “will not Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, and the leadership of both houses, stand with the President and say, ‘End your ignorant nonsense. You are farcical, Bob Mueller. It is embarrassing to watch your partisan witch hunt and end it now. Why don’t they have the guts and the integrity to do so?”

DeSantis said that is exactly what they should do, what they haven’t done, and notes that if they did Republicans would respond favorably to them. Not to the point of liking either of them, we must presume, but perhaps to the point of hating them a little bit less.

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