Rep DeSantis Grapples With Evasive, “Wait For IG Report” Rosenstein

Rep DeSantis is frustrated by the refusal of the DOJ to provide documents and it continued with the slippery Deputy AG Rosenstein hiding behind an IG report that is expected

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One of the most critical threats to our nation from within is the corruption of the Department of Justice and FBI. Many House Republicans are fully aware of the subversion and frustrated by complicit DOJ officials in their efforts to take actions against it.

One of those trying to get to the bottom of things is Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who takes the opportunity to question Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and attempt to finally get some answers that DOJ has been refusing to provide. He was certainly less than pleased with the fruits of his labor on Wednesday.

He starts by asking, “Mr. Deputy Attorney General, when Sally Yates defied President Trump’s travel restriction order the end of January 2017, was that appropriate, what she did?” Rosenstein answers, “I disagreed with her decision.”

DeSantis further presses and obtains agreement from Rosenstein that if an official in her position felt an order was unconstitutional, the appropriate response is not to be a law unto oneself, but to first consult with the one giving the order and if it is still not one that can be complied with, the official should resign their position.

DeSantis moves then to the number two guy on Mueller’s hit squad, Andrew Weissmann, noting that the fact that he’s a big Democrat donor doesn’t necessarily disqualify him, and his going to what they all thought would be the Clinton victory party, likewise, doesn’t necessarily exclude him from “service,” but “when she [Yates] took that action, he sends her an email with his DOJ email account, saying how he’s in awe and so proud of her” in standing up to and delivering a very direct rebuke to the President.

DeSantis cites Rosenstein’s test criteria, as being, “Are the political opinions effecting how one conducts himself in office,” citing that email as evidence that he’s acting on his bias.

Rodentstein says he’s discussed the matter with the head inquisitor Mueller on many occasions and that “Mueller understands the importance of there being no bias reflected in the conduct of the investigation.” Or at least it can’t be apparent to the people they’re trying to run the witch hunt and cover up of their own crimes against, the stupid American peasants.

DeSantis asks who started the Russia, Russia, Russia, who opened the case. Rodentstein runs for the protection of the Inspector General again, hiding behind the fact that his office is conducting an investigation in order to not have to answer.

Of course there are two intelligence committees being provided information as the Mueller witch hunt is ongoing, but that’s different. That’s targeting president Trump and the Americans who voted for him, which makes it okay.

DeSantis interrupts Rosenstein’s tap dance around answering, asking, “Did the FBI pay for the dossier?” Rosenstein replies, “I’m not in a position to answer that question,” to which DeSantis asks, “Do you know the answer to that question?” Rosenstein says he believes he knows the answer but the intelligence committee is the appropriate committee for his response.

“That is not true.” DeSantis says as he reminds the Deputy AG, “We have oversight over your department and the FBI and whether public funds were spent on the dossier, that is not something that is classified, we have every right to that information. You should provide it, if you’re not then there will probably be ‘things.'” Things is a less than technical term for subpoenas and contempt charges, we can infer.

DeSantis asks if the dossier was used to get surveillance over the President and again, the dance from Rosenstein around having to answer, the cover up, is offered in response.

He asks if the meeting between Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele was an authorized meeting and of course, Rosenstein doesn’t know the answer. DeSantis asks how much of the Russia, Russia, Russia was due to Peter Strzok. DeSantis quotes Strzok as saying “we can’t take that risk” of a Trump victory, a statement made in the office of Deputy FBI Director and Clinton operative, Andrew McCabe.

DeSantis asks how the American people, the “Wal-Mart Shoppers,” as Strzok derisively labeled them, are supposed to react to that type of obvious collusion within the DOJ and FBI. As expected, Rosenstein again hides behind the veil of secrecy but contends that internal mechanisms are in place to handle things. Again, he’s waiting for the IG Report.

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6 Comments on Rep DeSantis Grapples With Evasive, “Wait For IG Report” Rosenstein

  1. Amazing. These clowns have an infinite number of ploys to hide behind.

  2. James Higginbotham // December 14, 2017 at 8:35 am // Reply

    this Rosenstein either doesn’t know or can’t remember like ALL THOSE FKING CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS.
    Congress needs to make some different approaches like finding A WAY TO INDICT THEIR WORTHLESS ASS’S.

  3. Let’s wait to see how many of these tyrannical bastards get re-elected in 2018. It may be our last hope!

    • Congress generally has a generous 9% approval rating, and yet the people rush to the polls and vote them back into office. What does that say for the intelligence of the masses? We can rarely determine which is the lesser of two evils, so I say VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS, and eventually, all of the lifers will be gone.

      • I could not agree more!! This is how We the People can help drain the swamp….simply refuse to vote for any incumbent! What the hell we can vote again in 2 years, but we need to stop the career politically correct tyrants.

    • We urgently need trustable candidates to replace the b’tards currently holding the offices.

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