Deplorables Will Not Accept Trump Caving To Ryan, Establishment, Dems On Border Wall

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The swamp creatures within are starting to eat away at President Trump and the agenda that swept him into office. Public Enemy Number One  and arguably the largest, dirtiest rat in the swamp, is Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan is now suggesting that the border wall may not be funded until September. That was the first stage of his plan for it to never be built all along. There’s a lot of money in illegal drugs and it’s unlikely that the DC boys aren’t getting a significant portion of it, as well as funding for CIA projects or other adventures we’ll likely never know about. Ryan’s globalist owners put him into that position for situations they need to control, just like this one. A secure border is not in their exploitative interests, so Ryan, McConnell and their Democrat allies will obstruct.

It’s a parlor trick we’ve seen countless times with the politically corrupt in DC. The first step is never taken, it is delayed repeatedly until the issue ultimately fades into the political landscape of inaction and betrayal. President Trump was elected on this single issue more than any other, but a disturbing pattern seems to be developing. Just as with ending the illegal DACA program, stopping the flood of terrorists and their sympathizers as refugees, repealing Obamacare, non-intervention in Syria, draining the swamp and holding Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama accountable for their crimes, campaign promises that Democrats and globalists don’t like seem to have a way of not happening. Over and over again, a weak premise is provided for political cover or for usurping of the President’s constitutional authority, and it is accepted. A compromised judiciary overstepping their boundaries is not a superior authority to our President and he needs to stand up and say “No.”

The people of America don’t care if the government shuts down in the process of fixing it. Boats go to dry dock, cars go into the shop, the federal government can “shut down.” Represent the people of this nation instead of grabbing your panties like you’ve just seen a spider. Kick the globalists, Democrats and establishment out of the White House and see if those “repairs” don’t immediately fix a lot of that misfiring and stalling you were plagued with.

No one’s accusing president Trump of secretly working with Ryan or the other swamp creatures, there’s no evidence of that and it would be a most dramatic betrayal of who we believe his is or was. But we’re troubled, things are not proceeding the way we expected and a lot of things don’t add up. Perhaps President Trump still intends to keep his promise, but now is the time, not later.

Waiting until we’re six months closer to an election does not make the wall more likely to happen, it makes it less likely. Listening to the RINOs who say the wall is a metaphor for border security also takes it closer to the graveyard and another Trump failure for Democrats to celebrate. Giving in to the Democrats does not weaken them it emboldens them but despite being in the majority, that is the direction that President Trump seems to be leaning towards. Having Speaker Ryan at the helm in the House is a poison pill to the Trump agenda. More importantly, it’s crippling to the agenda of the American people, to our efforts to save this nation.

If President Trump’s team is becoming one that is toxic to his success, he needs to make copies of his Gettysburg speech, hand them out to every cabinet member, Speaker Ryan and Mitch “White Flag” McConnell, with the notice that they’ve got 90 days to make it happen. That’s it, failure means a cardboard box on top of their desk for packing their belongings and the surrender of their credentials. For Ryan and McConnell, it’s a matter of working to replace them in the House and Senate. We’ve already seen how simple it is in the House with the process that brought traitor Ryan into power.

If Ryan can’t, or much more likely, chooses not to get the border wall funded, don’t simply give in, President Trump, get rid of him. Stand up for us and against these turncoats. Then demand that the new speaker champion funding for the wall and your other promises. That’s the kind of man that we expected to see occupying the Oval Office. We’ve had eight years of disgust and revulsion as the occupier of that office kissed the rear ends of his globalist masters and aren’t going to take any more of it. Be the man we elected, do what you promised in the election. Build the damn wall and demand it be funded.


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7 Comments on Deplorables Will Not Accept Trump Caving To Ryan, Establishment, Dems On Border Wall

  1. Yes, you are right ! however, you left out one – I believe we deserve that he take another look at his son-in-law ….I trust Ivanka (even tho’ we don’t agree on everything) but I cannot trust her husband ….Is he working his “own ends” for his own desires behind the scenes? Pres Trump has enough people that are trying to manipulate him with out family getting involved…and now we hear he is enamored of McCain and his ‘buddy’ ? I feel like I don’t know where anyone is going now and I’m very sure I’m not alone ….??????Remember the old saying – you can believe some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but you can’t believe all the people all the time ” WHERE ARE WE GOING, MR. PRESIDENT ????????????

    • I so agree with you myworld2. what is going on…..I agree, get the kids out….they don’t belong, and I am sorry but I just don’t trust them…to many slimy democrat friends to satisfy me…..Soros has given the son in law money, and the daughter is best friends with Clinton’s daughter, and Hilary’s Muslim side kick, plus several more Globalists girl friends…just does not sit right with me and they are giving dad some bad advice…kids need to get out of there….

  2. Another Bushie and never Trumper, Helen Aguirre Ferre, was added to the WH administration. Sure wish I knew how to play 3D chess.

  3. Debra Prisk // April 26, 2017 at 6:53 am // Reply

    Trump should start a Go Fund me page to fund the building of the wall. Watch the American people will give him millions to start that wall. I’m sure we could even get people to help build it for free.

  4. morris Adkins // April 26, 2017 at 6:41 am // Reply

    Paul Ryan is a swamp rat. and he needs to go.
    he is in Obama,s pocket.

  5. Right on. The swamp needs to be drained now. I know President Trump is strong enough to do it. That is what we hired him to do. We voted Donald and Melania Trump in and not the rest of the family. They need to keep out of our country’s affairs and let their dad do the job he said he will do. It is time for the democrats to quit dragging their feet and trying to destroy our President. They need to start behaving like adults and work on the issues that need to be fixed for our country to be great again.

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