Dems Ready To “Shut Down” Government Over Border Wall Funding, Blame GOP

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Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney made an appearance on Fox News Sunday, discussing a wide range of topics, which included the border wall funding debate with Democrats. Mulvaney noted that then-Senator Hussein Obama, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton all voted in favor of the wall in 2006, with Mulvaney questioning what has changed other than the president is now Donald Trump. One other thing that has changed has been the blatant anti-Americanism of the Democrats made possible by eight years of globalism indoctrination and destruction under Hussein Obama.


Chris Wallace plays a clip of Mulvaney from Friday in which he offered Democrats a deal of a dollar for dollar swap – wall funding for Obamacare subsidies. Naturally, Democrats are twisting his words, including Wallace, who asks, “Democrats say that is a non-starter and what you are in effect doing with that trade is that you are holding hostage health insurance for millions of lower income Americans.

Mulvaney replies, “Actually, what I’d say is that they are holding hostage national security.” He says, “Again, we don’t understand why this is breaking down like this and we’re worried, Chris, that this is sending a message that this is going to be the next four years. That Neil Gorsuch was not just a one-off thing, that Democrats will opposed everything that this President wants to do, which is stunning to us, especially when we are offering them something they want in return.” It’s not likely the Trump administration is stunned, though they may be at a loss for how to best proceed. Democrats have been obstructionists on everything, not just the Gorsuch confirmation.


Wallace again asks the next question from the Democrat perspective of “Trump bad, illegals and Democrats good,” asking if  the administration is willing to take the hit for holding up health care payments to poor people. Mulvaney reminds him of the correct way it should be being stated, that the administration is “trying to get a border wall to protect millions of low income Americans against folks who aren’t supposed to be here, so it’s a national security issue.”

Wallace isn’t listening, he asks again, “but are you willing to cut off the funding?” He explains it to the host, “We’re willing to talk about things that we want and things that they want. That’s how Washington is supposed to work and used to work up until the recent past. He also explains to Wallace just what a “shutdown” entails and what departments and services continue to operate. It’s okay, Chris, it’s not that big of a deal. They hysterics are a Democrat thing to get their way and turn public opinion against their opposition.

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