Dem’s Pakistani Spy’s CLINTON LAWYER – Tells Judge, “Awan Might Need To Flee US”

imran awan

Is it just a coincidence that the Pakistani spy and thief, Imran Awan, who was enabled by Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz and more than two dozen other Democrat Congressmen has a close aide to and Clinton insider as one of his three attorneys?

Sure it is. The fact that he knows things he’s not supposed to know, particularly about the DNC computer system and the information contained on it when it was compromised as well as quite possibly doing “work” for Hillary and Bill on their home bootleg server, has nothing to do with their personal envoy’s involvement.

His having been provided access by some top Democrats to classified information and knows many of their secrets is also of no importance. The Clintons are some of the most trusting people on the planet and wouldn’t even consider putting their personal snoop, handler or monitor in place. Actually the opposite is true and if we needed any more proof of the extent to which this dirty political mess goes, the involvement of Chris Gowen indisputably provides it. The Clintons are intimately involved and it’s big.

In an attempt to make the problem simply go away, Gowen asked that Imran Awan’s GPS monitoring bracelet be removed. Unable to provide any legitimate or logical reason for his request, Gowen offered a stupid one, claiming Awan might need to attend to his children in the event of an emergency. His children are in Pakistan, with their mother who was able to flee the country with some of the loot from their crime and espionage spree.

Gowen babbled out his argument, saying, “His ability to parent, which may well be single parenting, if there is an emergency…” In essence he was telling the judge that Awan might need to go to Pakistan and wouldn’t want the feds to know ahead of time or to interrupt his plans a second time and prevent him from boarding his getaway jet.

He also asked to have it removed because he’s an Uber driver although Uber has no record of his employment. Will the judge now add additional charges for lying to him in his courtroom? Employment records are easy to verify.

The judge has not yet ruled on the motion. Perhaps he’s a Democrat in search of an excuse to cut a prime witness against Hillary Clinton, Wasserman Schultz and many, many other Democrats loose. Otherwise it should be obvious, since he was apprehended in the attempt to flee the country, that he’s a flight risk and the ankle bracelet needs to stay in place, at a minimum. Behind bars would be more secure and preferable. It would also restrict his communications with accomplices and unknown enablers.

Awan’s Clinton crony lawyer, Gowen, also asked that the travel limit of 50 miles be lifted, saying,  “He is driving for Uber and the 50 mile radius makes that hard… if he rejects a call he will lose his job.” If they’re not willing to drop the mileage limit they could at least expand it – something like 7 or 8 thousand miles might be sufficient. You never know when one of his customers might want to go to Karachi.

First 20 seconds of video has no sound

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