Dems, Obama Subversives, Leakers Target Sessions To Get To Trump

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Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Jay Sekulow discuss the idiocy surrounding the frenzied attacks by the leftists on Attorney General Sessions, with Ingraham noting that the Franken question that Sessions responded to was one of his typical rambling, aimless sentences in desperate search of a period. Sessions actually provided more information than was requested. She also notes that one of these supposed meetings with the Russians was in a public event at the RNC hosted by the Heritage Foundation with 25 other ambassadors.

She cuts through the baloney, noting, “What you’re witnessing, Sean, are the paroxysms of feigned fury from the Democrats. They don’t think Jeff Sessions was colluding with the Russians on the campaign, they don’t believe that. This is their only way to exert what they think is relevance and perhaps power.”

Ingraham says, “They want to delegitimize Trump, this is right out of the Alinsky play book, they have nothing else going on, they have no policy ideas, they have no substantive solutions for America. All they have is a bunch of dirt to throw and it’s childish. I don’t think it’s going to work either in the mid-term elections. That’s what you go to the voters with, that Jeff Sessions is colluding with the Russians? If this economy continues to do well I don’t think it’s going to help.”

Hannity points out that “this is a debunked fake CNN news story that also included hookers in Donald Trump’s room at the Ritz Carlton, I believe in Moscow, apparently urinating on his bed. That was debunked, was it not?”

Jay Sekulow says, “The reality that these stories and this whole narrative that has been created is a false narrative. None of this is fact, none of this is true. And what Jeff Sessions went through today, quite frankly, should make all of us outraged. Here’s a guy that answered the question he was asked, which, as a lawyer, is what I always tell my client to do. Answer the question asked. Don’t speculate, don’t go into hypotheticals, answer the question asked. And instead what happens, he answers the question that was asked and they create this outrage where Chuck Schumer’s just outraged and Nancy Pelosi is calling for him to resign his office.”

“The fact is,” says Sekulow, “and this is what’s really happening here. You’ve got a shadow government that is leaking this information, people that were in step with the previous administration, and they are leaking this information, and that is what people should be investigating. Why is information like this being leaked? That’s what we really need to know, not whether Jeff Sessions met with an ambassador when he was a United States Senator. Guess what, Senators meet with Ambassadors. I would expect that would include Senator Franken.”

Noting the amount of trash that is still left lying around from the Obama regime in positions that require confirmation, being disloyal and creating chaos, Laura Ingraham says this is where Mitch McConnell needs to assert himself. Doesn’t she know the only thing Trump can count on McConnell to do is surrender at the first opportunity? She says “This is where Mitch McConnell has got to really start playing hardball in this confirmation process.

Sekulow notes that “Jeff Sessions did the thing he did not have to do, he recused himself voluntarily, something his predecessor refused to do. So he took the highest of high ground. He needs to now be the Attorney General that he is and put this nonsense away.  I suspect the political reality is going to be different though, Sean, and we need to be prepared. The fact that you have those inside government, deeply entrenched inside this government, that are going to do everything they can to stop any progress going forward because they disagree with it. It’s not their role. They are the ones creating the constitutional crisis, not Jeff Sessions.”

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