Dems Desperate For Another Katrina Cue Sniveling Inept Mayor Passing Buck To DJT

san juan mayor trump katrina

At first you might be surprised that Elizabeth Warren was, in addition to being a lying radical libtard Senator from Massachusetts, also a lying radical libtard mayor for Puerto Rico. But that’s not Warren, it’s really San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

They probably just had the same Democrat Party-provided acting coach and speech writers, in addition to the unmistakble similarities in their voices and appearance. Maybe they’re both part American Indian.

They styles are similar too, as they both blame President Trump for everything that is wrong with the world. If only Clinton had been elected, the storms would not have hit in the first place. She’d have sacrificed white babies to the global warming gods and all of this would have been been easily avoided. Think of it as a really late term abortion for mother nature.

Now Puerto Rico, the black hole of corruption, debt and parasitic demands of never-ending support is demanding more. It’s like a tick in the middle of America’s back that we just can’t reach to pull out. They already don’t have to pay Federal Income Tax, what are we getting out of the deal?

Always the first to whine over life’s imperfections, the overly dramatic Democrat mayor of San Juan hasn’t done a damn thing on her own to respond to the situation. Her political safety net to protect herself from criticism and make a name for herself politically is to challenge the American President, Democrat style. She’s simultaneously attempting to pass the buck for her own ineptitude by onto the real Americans on the mainland. They should be holding the forks for the hungry Puerto Ricans and washing their dishes. Would you like for them to pre-chew the food for you too?

The Mayor’s job is not to deliver or facilitate aid to her people but to stand and complain about it. Maybe she should take a knee in one of her many leftist media attacks on the administration and blame the administration’s inherent racism. Perhaps communist Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), who is a member of the Puerto Rico communist party, could organize a few of his comrades to hand out the American relief while finding a way to take credit for themselves.

There are ten thousand FEMA personnel on the ground on that small little island in addition to an island full of unemployed people. Any chance the locals could get up off their butts and help hand out the aid that President Trump is sending? Why are those same pallets of food and water left undelivered in multiple videos by the mayor?

If people are really dying, couldn’t she have done without her props in the interest of getting that baby formula out to the “starving children?” Or is it more important to really hammer President Trump first?

When you find yourself faced with hard choices like this, Mayor Cruz, just ask yourself, “What would Elizabeth Warren do?”

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6 Comments on Dems Desperate For Another Katrina Cue Sniveling Inept Mayor Passing Buck To DJT

  1. Go ahead, mayor, keep biting the hand that is keeping you FROM dying! Keep acting like an incompetent fool. Readers, do you “C.Y. Cruz” is just plain stupid cubed?

  2. you are 1000% RIGHT BEN.
    and i have said this many times in other groups.

  3. Kitty Corbett // October 1, 2017 at 10:13 am // Reply

    If I were a resident on an island in the Atlantic Ocean subject to seasonal hurricanes, I do believe I would have emergency food and water stored against the possibility of not being able to go down the street on a daily basis to meet my needs. In fact, I live in mainland USA nowhere near the coast, and have kept emergency food and water stores for many years now. I was reared in the principles of forethought and self-reliance, and recommend it to the people of Puerto Rico and everyone else, wherever they live.

  4. Yes, we are the Mutha’s. We are the Nanny’s caring for everyone. And, never will anyone owe us for anything. We are so friggin’ wunderful!!

  5. That Btch and all liberals are just looking for more trouble in accusing President Trump of not doing his job. It’s not like I feel we owe them anything, but sheer humanity will do the job as soon as it’s possible. “Puerto Rico Governor Breaks His Silence, Exposes Sick Liberal Lies.” The supplies are there in the ports, the people could help to deliver them, but they’re not. So who’s the sick ones now?

  6. The U.S. tax payer is the gift that keeps on giving, as our incomes are confiscated, and handed out to those who contribute nothing in this country and around the world.

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