Democrats Paid $4 Million To Phantom Pakistani Spy Family, Accessed Secret Data

democrat spies

Why is it that only Democrats were employing what are obviously foreign Islamic espionage agents of Pakistani national origin, the brothers Awan and their wives? Why weren’t native born Americans offered the positions or at least some of the positions? Is it a good idea to have five members of a single family dealing with highly sensitive intelligence systems and data and did they have the appropriate security clearances?

Is it wise to store that sensitive data off site, outside of the protections of the US government? What was so special about the Awan brothers that each was worth in excess of $160,000 per year? Was it their connections to the Middle East payroll that delivered top dollar to treasonous Democrats in exchange for secret information?

The Daily Caller reports that in the time that Obama came to office, oddly the time that this outrage began, in 2009, the Awan family has received at least $4 million in fees for maintaining the computer systems of House 80 different House Democrats at one time or another. It’s not real money, after all, those are taxpayer dollars and security is nothing for them to be bothered with. The social justice aspects of hiring non-white foreigners more than compensates for the associated security risks.

Some of those Democrats who employed the Awans serve on the intelligence, homeland security and foreign affairs committees — and paid them though they rarely or never saw them or had contact with them. The spigot was turned on and the money just kept flowing.  As shared employees they were apparently thought to always be working for someone else or, more likely, never given a moment’s thought. They’re Pakistanis, not Americans. They can be trusted.

The likely spies for Pakistani jihadis and others had full access to the emails and office computer files of the members for whom they worked.  A focus of the investigation by the U.S. Capitol Police is an off-site server on which congressional data was allegedly loaded without the knowledge of authorities.

Every one of these Democrats who employed these obvious spies should have their security  clearances immediately revoked and they should be removed from any duties involving national security. Of course that won’t happen, that isn’t how Paul Ryan operates. That’s not what those stuffing his pay envelope want to see happen. The criminal Democrats work for them too.

The graphic listing the names and each Democrat’s photo, state and how much of our money was thrown away to people that were also stealing our secrets is available at this link.


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