Democrat Threatens Don Jr. With Espionage Act – Get Mean, President Trump

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It’s helpful anytime one is listening to or enduring the pain of looking at Richard Blumenthal, the reptilian Democrat Senator from Connecticut, to remember how he blatantly lied about having served in the Vietnam War.

Blumenthal received five deferments, from 1965-1970, ultimately enlisting in the Marine Corps Reserve. He was never deployed overseas during his six years in which he was stationed in the DC Swamp.

While others were wading snake and leech infested rivers he was dispatched to less hazardous duties, such as , such as a Toys for Tots drive. The Senator, who is now himself a swamp snake and a leech residing in the swamp had a history of exaggerating his time as being under fire.

One quote in 2008 got a lot of negative attention from actual Vietnam Vets, angered at his deceptive statement of, ” I served during the Vietnam era. I remember the taunts, the insults, sometimes even physical abuse.”

That abuse is the kind of thing anyone who looks and acts like him would endure, regardless of the political environment. Vile people are sometime treated in a manner consistent with what they deserve. Blumenthal once again is demonstrating his inherent loathsomeness by attacking, in a most exaggerated manner, Donald Trump Jr.

Hopefully this will be enough for President Trump to stop tolerating treason in the ranks, to quit “playing footsies” with these abhorrent creatures, to call them out for who they are, to prosecute them, and to get back to the business of the country.

Blumenthal threatens Donald Jr., “As a former prosecutor, these emails are a textbook example and evidence of criminal intent,” saying the three words “I love it” “are going to haunt Donald Trump Jr. because they are a clear signal that he is looking for information, dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government, and expecting an agent of the Russian government to be providing it to him.”

The lizard man continues, “And having the meeting, showing and again signaling the Trump campaign is open for business.” He actually has the nerve to say that after Hillary Clinton sold our secrets to every foreigner with the money to pay the price. The dirt that anyone might have sought to purchase on Hillary Clinton was already everywhere.

It isn’t even worth dirt because corrupt Democrats allow her to commit any crimes she chooses, including the espionage that this scumbag now tosses at Don Jr., and escape prosecution. Clearly they’re going to try to force President Trump out by threatening his son.

Please, Mr. President – Take your shackles and handcuffs off – Go after these despicable vermin before it’s too late. They’re the criminals; be the leader we elected and defeat this enemy. Get mean.

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6 Comments on Democrat Threatens Don Jr. With Espionage Act – Get Mean, President Trump

  1. This guy is uglier on the inside than he looks. A mean, dirty, dishonest pile of swamp slime.

  2. Gary Henderson // July 12, 2017 at 4:32 pm // Reply

    This POS, lying globalist wants open borders, one world government, deadly immigration, refugees, the infiltration of every kind of turmoil, and adores Hillary Clinton, whose anti-American activities have negatively influenced us since her teenage days that started with a close infatuation with Saul Alinsky.
    20% of her campaign was financed by Saudi Arabia, she sold 20% of OUR uranium to Russia, and Donald Trump jr agrees to listen to a faker who claimed to have information that would help defeat Hillary and the Senator thinks he should be “charged with spying”. ??????? He is a man without a conscience.

  3. id like to see that DEATH WISH COME TO FRUITION.


  5. Blumenthal, you’re a fool! Donald Trump Jr. is much more honest than you, you idiot. Leave our President and his family alone, or face the wrath of the People of the U.S.A.

  6. I don’t believe there are many of us who believe the Trump family isn’t smart enough to not have done anything the democrats attack them for. Instead, every attack by these vile democrats puts their own dirt back on their own faces! I do believe they have a death wish.

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