Democrat Domestic Terror Plot Against Trump Captured By O’Keefe’s Hidden Cameras

democrat domestic terrorists


They’re domestic terrorists plotting to disrupt the events surrounding the inauguration of Donald Trump as well as the inauguration itself, if possible. They’re not Islamists, at least they don’t look or sound the part, but the individuals recorded in the latest Project Veritas undercover sting are definitely domestic terrorists. They also operatives working for the Democrats, a criminal mob thinly disguised as a political party.

James O’Keefe describes what is happening, saying, “This is undercover video of potential criminal acts being planned. These organizers and activists are talking about setting off butyric acid into the ventilation system and setting off fire alarm sprinklers at a Trump inaugural ball later this week.”

“Shortly after the election,” says O’Keefe, “we started getting tips that radical groups were planning to derail President-elect Trump’s inauguration, perhaps even trying to shut down the city of Washington, DC. Various groups, some old, some new, have gathered together under the “disruptJ20″ umbrella.”

The video O’Keefe has released first focuses on three individuals from the “DC Anti-Fascist Coalition.” The three “tough guy” conspirators engage in the planning of aggressive actions against their political opponents. One, Luke Kuhn, is recorded saying, “The message has to be we do not recognize your city government either. If you try to close us down we will look for your house. We will burn it. We will physically fight the police if they try to steal one of our places. We will go to war and you will lose.”

They and various other members of their operation are shown in different stages of planning the attack, with an emphasis being on achieving the maximum amount of disruption at one pre-inauguration event, the deploraball on the evening of the 19th.

In addition to the use of butyric acid, activating the sprinkler system is discussed as a means of disrupting and forcing the closing of the event.

O’Keefe says, “The actions could constitute a violation of anti-terrorism laws, a felony with a possible five-year prison sentence and a significant fine.” Two of the conspirators made plans to “case the place” ahead of time to determine the best plan of attack as well as the use of the sprinkler system as a plan “B” if the stink bomb plan failed.”

Due to the magnitude of risk posed by the potential crimes, the Project Veritas crew informed the FBI, Secret Service and DC Metro Police to alert them to what was in the works.

The heat’s about to be turned up on those responsible for these anti-American attacks, with the conspirators in the video facing their own legal challenges as well as the Project Veritas closing promise to reveal who is behind all of this. The odds are there’s a wrinkled up old Soros finger in the mix somewhere, and Democrat Party leaders of some sort.

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