Dem Rep Demands Protection From Moore For Senate Pages, OK with Naked Men in Ladies Room

Judge Roy Moore is the victim of a persecution that is comparable to that President Trump has sustained by the left. Rep Gwen Moore hit a new low, demanding protection for

gwen moore

Another grandstanding Democrat has exhibited that there are no limits to their hypocrisy, blind partisanship or immoral absence of principles and character with her attention-seeking attack on Judge Roy Moore.

On Monday, Rep Gwen Moore, a member of the House of Representatives, stuck her bulbous nose into Senate business, in an effort to discredit Republican Roy Moore. She wrote a letter to the Senate Sergeant at Arms demanding that he take additional measures to protect Senate pages if Judge Roy Moore is elected to the U.S. Senate.

In carrying out her disgusting stunt against Judge Moore, Rep Moore wrote that it would be “unconscionable for Congress to not be vigilant and proactive in taking precautions to safeguard these children given the well-sourced allegations against Roy Moore.”

Senate pages are generally comprised of high school students who are employed in service to their local Senators.

Rep Moore wrote, “I write you today to share my urgent concern regarding the threat to the safety of the young men and women working in the United States Senate Page Program if Roy Moore becomes the U.S. Senator in Alabama.”

She continued, “I would like to know what preventive steps are being undertaken to safeguard Senate Pages from the predatory conduct of U.S. Senators and Senate staff.  The U.S. Congress has an obligation to keep these students safe especially in light of known potential harm.” She added, I believe my fears are well founded.”

Well, we believe that she’s an extreme hypocrite. She’s demonstrated through her actions that she couldn’t care less about safeguarding children. She supports Democrat candidate Doug Jones, who, as is the case with most immoral Democrats, supports grown men showering naked and using the restroom fully exposed, alongside little girls and innocent women.

All they have to do to be protected in their  perverse assault on innocent young girls and women is declare that they have a mental illness that makes them believe they’re the opposite sex.

That’s the position of the man Gwen Moore is supporting for office, along with killing and harvesting body parts of babies up to the point of being born. Is she not concerned with the very real threats the positions of her boy Doug poses to the youth of America? Has she written a letter to Jones, The DNC, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer expressing her concerns? Has she called for an end to funding for Planned Parenthood?

No, of course she hasn’t. She doesn’t really believe what she wrote in that letter. She’s just trying to score cheap political points and do her part to continue the smears against Judge Moore.  She’s a typical Democrat, unattractive inside and out, dishonest, self-serving and completely lacking in character and integrity.

Maybe she’s hoping to get lucky, that one of those men in the women’s restroom will have left his ten-foot pole at home and be very, very intoxicated.

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