Dem Hag DWS Pressing Investigation And Trump Impeachment, But Not “Yet”

wasserman schultz


Former DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a vendetta against President Trump, to be sure. It was during the campaign of 2016 that she was exposed for her supposed cheating to influence the election. In response she and her cohorts claimed that Trump cheated to influence the election and that the Russians were behind it. There’s no evidence but they don’t need it. They’re corrupt, they’ve got corrupt comrades and they’ve got a corrupt media. How can a patriot stand up against all of that?

Once again the Democrats are projecting their own offenses upon their opponents. She’s also somewhat cleverly following the lead of her fellow sleazy Democrats, Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in raising the impeachment issue and inserting the word into the conversation. It’s a first step that all three claim they aren’t ready to take yet, as they are taking it. They and their elite masters must really be afraid of this President, what he knows about their crimes and what he is willing to do about them, to start less than a month into the Presidency with these tactics.

It’s no wonder that President Trump has identified CNN as a fake news organization preoccupied with destroying him. The host and Wasserman help each other to fabricate some fakery, saying, with the CNN skank saying, “I just want to make it clear,” which in their lingo means, “I just want to fake and smear,” and then inserts the desired ideas that will be repeated over the next few weeks until Jeff Sessions gets close to an indictment of Hillary Clinton, Jeh Johnson, John Kerry or Hussein Obama. Then they’ll align themselves with fellow globalist Paul Ryan and all hell will break loose.

The host, Erin Burnett, continues, skipping over the money word in the exchange, which Schultz has to correct, “You’re not comfortable using that word or even talking about it.” Schultz asks, “You mean impeachment? No, I think we don’t call for impeachment until you have an independent bi-partisan investigation and we can get to the bottom of the possibility of high crimes and misdemeanors being committed. Collusion between a presidential campaign and a foreign enemy, blah blah blah.”

Obama called for an investigation as he was heading out the door so that his intelligence lackeys could make a favorable assessment and you ass clowns would be able to put on this show. We’re not as stupid as you think we are and she’s not fooling anybody.


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