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More proof that the ever-increasing levels of pandering to racists of the past few decades has built to a point of critical mass and has got to come to a halt was provided by some of its biggest proponents, racist Democrats within Congress.

The only group that doesn’t have a formal, race-based, divisive political caucus within the House are the white members, who represent all of their constituents, even those of a different color. Despite being accused of racism, they alone are doing or failing to do the people’s business regardless of considerations for what they look like or what type of extra privileges they demand to be entitled to.

The existence of a racism-based caucus within the House of Representatives is offensive and does not represent American values or the Constitution. Yet, because they are Democrats, it is allowed and even held up reverently, as some sort of perverted justice. There’s nothing just about it aside from it being “just wrong.”

The leaders of four House caucus groups, the black, Hispanic and  Asian racial preference cadres, as well as the Marxist and communist progressive caucus, have written, or had someone write for them, a letter that demands that President Trump fire three of his White House aides for not capitulating to their behavioral requirements.

The American patriots who are coming under fire are aides Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka. Somehow those three individuals are deemed by the anti-American exploitation and extortion  specialists to be responsible for a guy driving his car into a crowd of radical agitators who were illegally blocking a road in Charlottesville, VA.

The letter claims that their continuing presence in the White House is “emboldening a resurgent white supremacist movement in America.” If white people are finally standing up to the incessant attacks being leveled by the Democrat left then that is a great thing. It’s not supremacy to fight back against racist leftist oppressors.

The letter, sent out on Monday, stated, “Americans deserve to know that white nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis are not in a position to influence U.S. policy. In this time of tumult in our country, Americans deserve a leader that will bring us all together and denounce those who seek to tear us apart.” We actually have one, that’s why they’re so incensed.

Black supremacist and America-hating communist, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA),  said, “The white supremacists who descended upon Charlottesville have brought vile racism, hatred and bigotry to the forefront of our political discourse once again. We cannot address the dangerous spread of white supremacy in America without honestly examining its influence on the Oval Office. President Trump has elevated hate and discrimination to the highest levels of our government.”

Of course it was her fellow black racists and radical communists that “descended upon Charlottesville” like locusts attacking a field. Their prey, those opposing the ethnic cleansing of white history from America, had a permit for their event. It is they who were the victims of an attack by those aligned with Rep Lee, her fellow radical communists and racists. They were brought into town by Democrats and radicals specifically to brutally physically attack their demonstration.

The America-haters who signed the letter demanding the ouster of the core of the non-globalist, nationalist Trump team members included Lee, Judy Chu (D-CA), Asian Pacific Caucus chairwoman; Cedric Richmond (D-LA), Congressional Black Caucus chair; Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM),  Congressional Hispanic Caucus chair; Commies Mark Pocan (D-WI), Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair and Raul Grijavla (D-AZ), Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair. Also signing on was David Cicilline (D-RI), a Homosexual member of Congress who apparently, along with Pocan, have their own “proud” little “caucus” of two.


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17 Comments on DEM COMMIE and RACIST CAUCUS Leaders Demand HEADS Of 3 Top TRUMP Aides

  1. This article from “The Federalist” clarifies the history and the current nature of the culture war perpetrators that are dedicated to labeling as “Racist” anyone who voted for Donald Trump or any Republican candidate:

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // August 16, 2017 at 11:07 am // Reply

    A lot of Americans will think this is not Presidential, but, President Trump should tell the all the assHole demonRats to Kiss his Ass.

    those lying communist progressive demonRat fags need to be eliminated.

    • I spent over an hour arguing with a lady on facebook about that very same thing. She ended up calling me a racist. I told her I was just a deplorable. She thinks the sun rises and sets on Obama. I tried to give her the information about what a crook he is, and of course I was a bigger racist. Can’t talk to dumb liberals. She started out with a quote from a Nazi post from WWII. Like that is the same as what’s happening in the US. In other words, she compared the President to Hitler. What a joke. Then she said he stole tax money, a lie, he inherited his wealth, maybe but he had to work at it to keep it. Cheer up, I heard that Maxine Waters or Warren may run for President in 2020. Won’t that be fun. Can you imagine the yelling that will go on.

  3. I submitted my comment before I was finished by saying then the House could silence the lunatics that call themselves a black caucus when it should be a communist black caucus and produce idiocy with their ‘gnat brains’.

  4. If the House actually had a Conservative leader and would dump the RINOS that are in cahoots with the liberal left communist non-humans then we would have a majority of real and true Americans working for us. First thing for the House to do is NOT reelect ‘Centrist’ Paul Ryan or you could say a little over the ‘center’ with him and elect someone who loves this country and does not have a liberal left wife to tell him what to do and not do. Time for the FREEDOM CAUCUS in the House for all of them to become true conservatives and remove him because they are the ones who put him in.

    • I agree with you about Ryan. He thinks he’s the president. He needs to be fired and Mueller with him. Somebody leaked the emails from the Trump camp to the Washington Post. Gee I wonder who that was. The emails just proved that the President wasn’t talking to Russia during the campaign, even though some of his staff did.

  5. Deplorable Doctor // August 16, 2017 at 10:21 am // Reply

    Barbara Lee wants everything FREE for the Negroes!

    • Hi deplorable Doctor; I’m a deplorable retiree. You are right. I call them free loaders. They don’t want to give up Obamacare because they get Medicaid and subsidies for free healthcare. Did you know that the government people in DC get a 70% subsidy to their insurance companies. No wonder they don’t want to scrap Obamacare. There are also a lot of other gimmies in the bill that have nothing to do with healthcare. Lets face it. The President was right about the swamp in DC, after all, they’re all lawyers.

  6. I wish Trump would make the case that was just made in this piece on national TV. They got rid of Flynn and if he loses these 3 I believe he will lose a majority of his base. Of course the unthinking sycophants will simply call it 3D chess.

    • I think the President is fed up with the whole mess. He spoke his mind today at the press conference, and made a good point that both sides were wrong. I wonder who bussed in the so called good people, according to the media. They came with their black outfits on, just like during the campaign, and bottles filled with cement and bats. I can guess who their sponsors are, non other than Soros and Obama. They need to be stopped.

  7. Dividing us by race, among a plethora of other issues, to make it easier to take our guns, the globalists have never worked so hard in the last 100 years as they have been in these last 8 months. In typical liberaci doublespeak, “hate” is the new “love.”

  8. Here’s another bureaucratic black racist swamp creature: Racist Charlottesville Deputy Mayor’s Statement About Whites Is Why Cops Were Forced To Stand Down During Riot ? Freedom Daily
    Charlottesville Deputy Mayor Wes Bellamy tweeted: “I hate seeing white people in Orangeburg”


  10. TONYA PARNELL // August 16, 2017 at 9:16 am // Reply

    You always know you must be doing something right when the Commie Dem o rats are against it

    • Our poor President. No matter what he says or does they call him out on it. I’m surprised that he hasn’t told them to take the job and shove it. Since the President was elected, the Democrats have done NOTHING to pass legislature. Well, during Crooked Hillary’s whole campaign, she did nothing but put down Trump and his “deplorables”. How can somebody that has murdered, stolen and lied say they are better than anybody?

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