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The Democrats have something up their sleeve and it appears to involve the sacrificing of one of their own, former DNC chairthing Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In the world of political cannibalism, keeping this one down isn’t going to be easy for any of them. The old witch is a bit chewy, like moose leather and with a taste like fresh landfill. They’ll do their best but there’s no guarantees.

The setup for the question on CNN Fake News makes the assumption as if it’s fact that the Russians hacked our 2016 election. Again, if you repeat the lie often enough people will perceive it as truth, eventually. The host references testimony by the anti-American globalist who was DHS Secretary under Hussein Obama, Jeh Johnson, in which she describes him as having, “flat-out said that the DNC refused his department’s help. “You put out a statement afterward basically saying that Jeh Johnson was wrong. Where is he wrong?”

“He’s wrong in every respect,” says Schultz, who then goes into her own familiar diatribe of half-truths, distortions and lies. She says, “Let me just be very clear. At no point during my tenure at the DNC was I contacted by the FBI, DHS or any government agency, or alerted or made aware that they believed that the Russians, an enemy state, was intruding on our network.”

What she’s making very clear is that she’s a typical Democrat blaming others for her own failures. If she was running that criminal enterprise, the DNC, it was her responsibility to protect the data, which she did not do. Once it was discovered that it had been compromised it was her responsibility to have the offenders identified and prosecuted. Sitting and waiting for a phone call doesn’t get the job done.

Insulating yourself from phone calls so that you can later claim innocence doesn’t either. She was able to contact a third party security company, CrowdStrike, to run interference for them without any problem. She could just as easily have contacted the FBI if she weren’t trying to hide the contents of the server and if they weren’t a law enforcement agency that might have prosecuted criminal wrongdoing if discovered, dependent upon the mood of Loretta Lynch.

She gets off into a deflection by the Russia angle that has served them so well, saying, “We’re one of the two national political parties. It is astounding that when they had a member of Congress who was leading that organization, that no one felt that it was any more important when we had a foreign enemy intruding upon one of the two political parties’ networks to do anything more than lob a phone call in to our tech support through our main switch board.”

No, Schultz, what’s astounding is that you’re a member of Congress and that the Democrat Party still exists, given the caliber of individual that fills its ranks. Other than through their main switch board, where would she expect an official call to come in? She wasn’t sitting at her desk, head in hands, crying, “Woe is me. Why doesn’t the FBI call me” and wishing she’d paid more attention to the “how to make a call” section of her phone’s owners manual. She told them to get lost, multiple times, because she was hiding something.

Every statement she makes in her defense, including the attacks on the FBI, DHS and Johnson, are all qualified with the inclusion of an awareness of “the Russians” being behind it. In those initial days in which their requests were first rebuffed, when the Podesta emails and other documents were being published by WikiLeaks, there was no “Russia story.” It was a simple question of how did that data get out into the public sphere. That is the timing in which the refusals she’s trying so hard to word-parse her way around took place. That’s when she was protecting the hacked server from FBI discovery.

The real question is why is this coming out now. Why did the Democrat and establishment machinery send Johnson to testify and why are they letting Schultz take the hit?

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  1. The Democrat establishment seems to be “warming up the bus”…and it appears that several members of the “old guard”(D W-S and Nancy Pelosi) may well be thrown under it to provide a distraction for the MSM, and cover for the principle collusion conspirators (James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton and the DNC, et. al.) that coordinated their efforts to protect Hillary from a clearly justifiable multi-count federal indictment.

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