Dem Admits Empty Accusations, No Trump Evidence – “Maybe” With A Special Prosecutor

witch hunt


Fox News anchor John Scott shows Democrat hack Rep Joe Crowley (D-NY) much more respect than he deserves in taking a diplomatic route to describe the left’s totally unsubstantiated and fabricated witch hunt of the President intended to destroy his presidency.

Scott asks, “Are you absolutely convinced that there was some kind of collusion, because at this point there has been no evidence that I’m aware of and you know, people like Chuck Grassley, Senator Chuck Grassley have said he has seen no evidence of between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

Of course, being a Democrat, Crowley, the Chairman of the House Democrat Caucus, is under no obligation to speak the truth, only what best serves their Party. That means we’re going to be lied to, which includes disjointed incomplete points that really don’t say anything but sound like they almost do.

The doublespeak begins with him saying, “Evidence in terms of what will be gather through this process is different than the conjecture that’s been laid out through the media.” He admits in that sentence that if there is evidence it would be different from what exists now, that is baseless accusations, that he blames on their propagandists, “the media.”

He then pretends that “things that are highly unusual going on here” is evidence, which it isn’t and that “highly unusual” is a criminal offense. It’s not. The anti-American rodent says, “I do think that there are some things that are highly unusual that are going on here, including the President’s inability to condemn Russia for what every head of the intelligence community within the government has said was an assault, an attack on our democratic process.”

Guess what crap for integrity, so attacking the President of the United States with false accusations that are politically motivated is an attack on our democratic process, not him failing to agree with your Obama orchestrated mantra that the Russians did something. Not agreeing with your party mantra is also, as hard as you anti-American globalists might find it to accept, not a crime.

He’s changed the subject to “Not knowing to what extent they [Russians] succeeded or didn’t,” because he’s redirecting the discussion. He knows everything the Democrats are alleging is false. He admitting he’s attacking the President solely for the purpose of destroying him.

He says, “Whether or not there was collusion or not, that remains to be seen,” again an admission that there is no evidence that there was, and the Democrats are on a fishing trip, a smear campaign, the witch hunt that President Trump says they are.

He says that’s why they maneuvered a special counsel into position, was to get to “delve deep” and to get the answers, again, and admission that they don’t have anything indicating President Trump is guilty of any of the allegations they are making.

This man is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors in acts of sedition against the United States and false politically motivated attacks on the President. He should be impeached, convicted and imprisoned, all of those responsible should. But that would require testosterone on the part of the girly men in Congress, like establishment puppet Paul Ryan. It’s not going to happen – they’re more likely to impeach their own President than the criminals in the opposition party.

The lying Democrat attempts to give himself cover by saying, “That’s what the people want, that’s what I want as well.” No, it’s not. We want honesty and representation and we’re getting very little of either from vermin like this guy.

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