Delusional Clinton BLAMES MEDIA for Exaggerating Her LITTLE EMAIL MISTAKE

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Hillary Clinton, joined by one of her leftist propagandists, Joy Reid, held a public pity party on MSNBC, picking up on the rewriting of history where Clinton’s latest work of fiction, What Happened, leaves off.

In what is obviously a scripted interview, Reid says to Clinton, that despite her long time feeding at the public trough, what people knew about her was emails.

Rather than ask her how she could not be known for Benghazi, for celebrating after engineering the Gaddafi murder by street thugs, for getting filthy rich selling US government secrets or for manipulating the State Department into a pay for play system of granting favors and access for cash, Reid focused on her being known for emails.

That’s simplistic on Reid’s part for the obvious purpose of providing more Clinton cover. She’s known for stealing and secreting away classified US Government emails, storing them where foreign governments had unrestricted access, mishandling of classified information contained in classified emails and destroying evidence in the form of emails – just to hit the “high points” of her criminal email activity. That would be a lot to ignore, but the media did their best.

Reid asks what Clinton says to reporters who say the email scandal was not the media’s fault, it was her fault, as if such Clinton-critical reporters even exist. Clinton plays along, saying, “Oh, I made the original mistake.” Don’t sell yourself short, Clinton. Hundreds of thousands of violations of national security protocols is not merely “the original mistake.” It’s an espionage crime spree of historic proportions.

“But you know people running for office make all kinds of mistakes.” Again, she attempts to minimize the severity and impact of her offenses. She said, “I mean Trump had a million mistakes that he made before he ever ran and that he made once he declared to run.”

The count and specifics for verification purposes aren’t offered but it’s safe to say none of them involved him selling government secrets, property, access or embezzlement. That’s not really comparing apples with apples. Poor, picked on Hillary Clinton said “that didn’t matter, you know there was a little bit of coverage on whatever it might be and then [once Clinton’s machinery had failed to knock him out] it faded away [as they teed up their next dirty trick].”

She says, “The emails was a constant diet.” Had she ever been honest about “what happened” that wouldn’t have been the case, she’d have been out of the race or in it but the steady drip would have stopped. She never told the truth and the revelations, in large part thanks to Seth Rich and Julian Assange, continued. She has only herself to blame.

She says that the press has admitted to her that they overdid it on the email coverage. Perhaps that’s what Andrea Mitchell and other select elitist media allies are telling her. We Americans would still like to find out more about the evidence the press, Democrats, FBI, DOJ, intelligence community, deep state and Hussein Obama suppressed. They didn’t go nearly far enough in doing their jobs; as was clearly the plan.

Clinton makes a totally outlandish and untrue statement that there were only 32 minutes devoted on the five major networks to policy during the entire year of 2016. More than that amount of time was devoted to the border wall and immigration alone in a typical day in their incessant hit pieces against President Trump.

In her denial Clinton says there are statements in her book, that are not her voice but “people who have credibility,” who deny on her behalf that any of the accusations are true. Where’s the grand jury testimony by witnesses in the FBI investigation, Clinton? They would have the real credibility. There are none because, in the course of insulating her from prosecution, none was impaneled and no real investigation was conducted.  

Whatever individuals she’s claiming to have made supportive statements in her book, if they’re in it, participating in her disinformation spreading in order to rewrite history and possibly influence a future prosecution, they have no more credibility on the issue of her guilt than she does.


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  1. I think President Trump said it best when he tweeted with a copy of her book (including a weird picture of Hillary) and WHAT HAPPENED? in big letters followed by another book, picture of Trump grinning hugely and the title I HAPPENED. I laughed good at that one. But, really, we all knew Hillary was a creep and a liar, but he just pointed it out more than anybody else.

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