DC Politicians Funnel $41 Billion Taxpayer Money To Wealthy Liberal Ivy League Schools

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More evidence is coming to light that the American people are being preyed upon by the criminals in positions of power within our government and the complicit crooks on the left wherever they reside, including, in most dramatic form, by the most leftist of the left, the academia of Ivy League schools. That’s where most government leadership happens to have received their indoctrination, their credentials and their license to steal. One filthy liberal hand washing the other. 

Shannon Bream opens the segment, saying, “Your taxpayer dollars are helping to fund private universities, despite the fact that their bank accounts are bursting at the seams. The report says the schools collected more money from government sources than undergraduate tuition.”

Gerry Willis picks up the story, saying, “A new study found that over a six year period, Ivy League colleges brought in more money from your taxpayer dollars than from all payments of tuition by undergraduate students. And that is despite the fact that they have more than $119 billion in endowment money.” Sounds like there’s some serious fleecing going on between the bureaucrats and the eggheads and the American people are getting the shaft.

The group “Open the Books” released the report. Their founder described the situation as “a bull market for government contracting at the Ivy League, with nearly $26 billion in contracts and grants, it actually dwarfs the education number collected on student tuition at the Ivy League of $22 billion collected over the course of the last six years.”

Cumulatively the payments are more than what the US government gave 16 states with a bottom line draw on the taxpayer dime from all sources, including payments and entitlements, of a whopping $41 billion between 2010 and 2016. That huge amount went to only eight supposedly not-for-profit schools, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale University. That figure does not include their massive endowments which exceeded $119 billion in 2015.

Why is it that they receive even a cent of taxpayer money when they don’t need it and are, in fact, filthy rich? It’s also worth remembering that these wealthy institutions pay no tax on the capital gains on their investments, which was estimated to be a benefit just short of an additional $10 billion during the same period.

The wise Princeton vice president somehow attempted to argue the point that the study was flawed because the reinvestment of some of their truckloads of money wasn’t taken into account. Yale’s attempt to deflect was even more laughable, saying that their opulence, greed and waste is a good thing, because it contributes to the local economy.

If he really believes that then Yale produces idiots. We’ve all got local economies. Unless you want to support each of ours, you greedy ticks have no place expecting average Americans to contribute to yours.


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