Day Without Illegals Costs 25 Their Jobs At Anti-American Company

day without illegals


A decision to participate in a national “day without ‘immigrants'” will be followed by days without jobs for twenty-five employees at a Nashville company, Bradley Coatings, (BCI). The employer should have been hiring Americans all along rather than participating in the lawbreaking with their employees. Then they’d have been able to avoid the situation entirely. Instead they chose the middle ground, hiring illegals and then telling them they would have to work and if they didn’t show up they’d be terminated.

The hand-wringing newscaster describes the events as a “day without immigrants,” but they were actually illegals. It was intended to “show the contributions,” as she put it, illegals make to America by forcing us to do our best to survive a day without them. It seems like we all did okay, who even knew they were off holding a parade somewhere? The ones who learned a lesson were some of the participants in the stunt. Hopefully they’ll learn even more next year when ICE roundups will be a featured component of their festivities.

The reporters interviewed a team leader, who holds a position directly under the supervisor, who couldn’t speak English. It follows that his subordinates also were Spanish-speaking, meaning they too were illegals. So the whole company, at least below the upper management levels, is staffed by illegals. They didn’t fire them as a statement against illegal immigration, clearly. They have probably already filled many of the positions with other illegals, forgoing the Americans looking for work in the Nashville area. Bradley Coatings is part of the problem and they are also operating their business as illegals of sorts.

It’s against the law for them to hire illegal aliens and there are fines as high as $20 thousand dollars per offense for employers such as them who betray the American people, forcing them into unemployment in order to make a few extra bucks on their bottom line.

Attorney General Sessions understands this abuse quite well. At 25 employees, the 18 fired and seven that subsequently walked off, the half million dollar fine that they should have been levied with would pay for lots of American workers, and be much worse for the bottom line that these turncoats value above their nation. That’s the kind of incentive that would get their attention.

Let’s hope AG Sessions was watching this report and decides to make an example of them. It would only take a couple of hefty fines for employers to start putting up signs that read “Now hiring – American Citizens or Legal Residents Only,” and for the exodus south to begin. Save ICE the trouble, fine the employers.

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  1. Did some person say that Bradley Coatings contain lead.

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